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Rust coating series
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ZHO4 Polyurethane Modified Interpenetrating Network Pipe Coating (Two-component)

The paint consists of polyester resin, polyethylene resin, macromolecule resin and various color pigments, with rust and rust inhibitors, and is prepared by grinding to form a two-component self-drying anti-corrosion industrial coating.
     The paint has the advantages of soft color, high hardness, strong adhesion, good water resistance, and resistance to certain acid, alkali, salt and damp heat erosion, and is a steel product, a metal product, a truss, a petrochemical pipeline, an underground pipeline, a gas tank, and an oil storage. Cans and other anti-corrosion coatings.
     Technical indicators:
Items Technical indicators
1.Appearance of paint film:
2.Flexibility    mm       ≤
3.Viscosity      s         ≥
4.Drying time          ≤
5.hardness              ≥
6.Adhesion (level)        ≤
7.Impact strength
Flatness meets standard template color difference range
Table dry 2 hours, hard work 12 hours
Construction reference:
1. After the A and B components are fully mixed according to the ratio (1:1, 2:1, or 4:1), they must be matured for 10-15 minutes before being used to prevent the occurrence of bubbles and other ills. For waterproof and anti-fouling of cement floor, 50-100% of silica sand can be added, then apply 2-3 coats of this paint.
2. It is used for buried pipelines or the outer wall of the pipeline and the inner wall of the pipeline. The bottom layer is made of reddish-brown, and 4:1 is used. If it is patched, it can be timely applied after brushing the bottom layer. After application, it needs to be separated by more than 6 hours and a second black finish is applied. A, B group, 4:1 to use, wait for 6 hours, the second layer of cloth or a third layer of black topcoat. Such as the fourth layer of paint or two-story cloth painted finish, the same interval of more than 6 hours, after all completed, wait for more than 48 hours, check the degree of drying, and then lifting and can be.
3, when the coating is too thick, it is diluted with cyclohexanone or our factory special thinner, alcohol solvent is not available;
4. The surface of the coated workpiece needs to be rusted and dusted with oil, and the surface of the surface should be kept clean and dry.
5. Pack 20 kg for each group and 20 kg, 10 kg or 5 kg for group B. Pay attention to fire protection.