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Polyester epoxy paint
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Product Detail
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ZH54 series oil tank anti-corrosion coating (self-drying two-component)

(1) Composition:
The paint is mainly made of high molecular weight epoxy resin. Complemented by polyester, amino resin and rust-proof pigments mixed and ground.
(2) characteristics and uses:
 Has excellent acid and alkali resistance, resistance to atmospheric damp heat and resistance to oil, water, sulfur and other erosion. For oilfield large-scale machinery, storage tanks, ground tanks, floors, pipelines preferred anticorrosive paint, according to the requirements of the use of the factory primer, putty, topcoat matching series.
(3) Technical indicators:
project index
1. Appearance of paint film
2. Viscosity (Coated -4 cups) S ≥
3. Drying time h dry table ≤
Hard work ≤
4, hardness (pendulum) ≥
5. Adhesion (level) ≤
6. Impact strength:
7. Resistant to 3% saline water 96h (30d recommended)
8. Resistant to 10% sulfuric acid 96h
9. resistant to 5% sodium hydroxide 96h
10. Resistant to 90 # gasoline 96h
Film formation, color difference in the scope of the standard sample
No blistering, no shedding
No blistering, no shedding
No blistering, no shedding
No blistering, no shedding
(4) construction reference:
1. If the paint is too thick, it will be diluted with cyclohexanone or our company's special thinner, avoid using alcohol solvent.
2. Primer finish matching, primer l, 4 to 1 to use, topcoat 2-3, total paint film thickness of 100 microns or more.
3. The objects to be coated need to be oiled and rusted, clean and dry, if it is difficult to remove rust. Before applying the primer, remove the rust, remove the oil, and phosphating agent with a rusted shovel and apply it with a dry cloth. Once, then apply the primer and topcoat.
4. The construction condition is above 5°C. If the temperature is too low, zinc naphthenate 0.5% of the amount of construction paint can be added to promote the solidification.
5. Packaging specifications: Group A 20 kg, Group B 20 kg or 10 kg or 5 kg, pay attention to fire prevention.