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ZH04 floor coating
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ZH04 Thick Film Industrial Floor Coating

 Performance, characteristics, use:
 ZH04 A high-solid, room-temperature hardened epoxy thick film self-leveling industrial floor coating that has the advantages of oil resistance, chemical resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, slip resistance, easy cleaning, and strong adhesion to cement substrates. It is simple and can be made into floor coating of different thickness and different colors in the range of 0.5-3mm according to the user's needs. It is suitable for automobile factory, chemical plant, food factory, machinery factory, electronic device factory, pharmaceutical factory, silk factory workshop , warehouses and office buildings, libraries, hospitals, laboratories and other places.
Construction method:
1. Mixing ratio: Part A: Part B: = 4:1
2. After mixed use: 20°C 4 hours
3. Painting interval 20 °C 1-7 days
4. The two groups A and B are mixed in full proportion and left to mature for 20-30 minutes. Appropriately extend curing time in winter;
5. The bottom coating can add 50-100% of the weight of the quartz sand (powder).
6. Surface coating can be roller coated, brushed or airless high-pressure spray, the amount of 0.2-0.4kg/m2
7. The coating is fully hardened for 7 days (20°C) and put into use.
8. Pay attention to ventilation during construction and keep away from fire.