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ZH04 floor coating
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Product Detail
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ZH04 Polyester abrasion resistant floor coating

Performance, features:
This product is a two-component room-temperature curing polyester paint. Unlike other polyester coatings, its intramolecular structure is symmetrical, so it has better wear resistance, chemical resistance and other mechanical properties.
This product is suitable for production enterprises with high wear and high cleanliness requirements, such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, electronics, food, automotive, light industry, cans and other production workshops and warehouses, offices, parking lots and other places.
Technical indicators:
project index
Impact resistance
Hardness ≥
Adhesion (cross-cut method) level ≤
Flexibility mm
Drying time h
Abrasion resistance 750g1000rpm g ≤
Antifungal level
Flat, light or matt
Table dry ≤ 3, hard dry ≤ 12
Construction method:
1. Base surface requirements: Ordinary concrete should be placed for more than 28 days, the base surface is clean, dry, and moisture content should be 6% less.
2. Back cover epoxy primer coating.
PuTTY scraping: generally scrape the epoxy putty about 6 hours after the primer coating, dry it with a grinding machine, then scrape the second lane
Putty, and then polished until the surface smooth and smooth.
Topcoat: Use polyester wear-resistant flooring paint coating 2-3 Road, the shortest coating interval 6h, the longest 24h.
3. Conservation: walking opening hours: 24h, weight opening hours: 72h.
4. This product is a two-component product. When used, please mix according to the specified mixing ratio and apply. There are 1:1, 2:1, and 4:1.
5. For detailed construction plans and construction methods, please contact the Technical Department of our factory.