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Polyester epoxy paint
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Product Detail
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ZH04 colored polyester epoxy drying enamel

(1) Composition
The paint is made of polycondensation of adipic acid and neopentyl glycol polyester resin and high molecular weight epoxy resin solution and amino resin science and reasonable ratio supplemented with colored pigments of various colors by grinding into high-grade industrial drying enamel.
(2) characteristics and uses
The paint film has the advantages of high hardness, impact resistance, good flexibility, bright fullness, good color retention and good gloss retention. In fact, it is used for the protection of automobiles, motorcycles, light industrial machinery, printing iron, tape measure, instrumentation, electrical and mechanical equipment, metal toys, etc.
(3) Technical indicators:
project index
1. Color and appearance
2. Viscosity (Coated -4 cups) S ≥
3. Fineness um ≤
4. Drying time (120 °C ± 2 °C) h ≤
5. Gloss (%) ≥
6, hardness (pendulum) ≥
7. Adhesion (level)
8. Impact strength:
Color film is smooth, conforms to the standard model color difference range
(4) Construction Reference
1. This product is suitable for rolling, spraying better.
2. Construction viscosity, 20-25 seconds, when the paint is too thick can be used cyclohexanone: xylene (2 to 1) mixed solvent dilution, or purchase special thinner for our plant.
3. The painted parts need to be rusted, dried, and cleaned after painting.
4. The paint must not be mixed with ordinary paint.
5. Packing specifications, 20 kg per barrel, pay attention to fire prevention.