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Polyester epoxy paint
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Product Detail
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ZH04 colored polyester epoxy dry enamel (two-component)

(1) Composition:
The paint is composed of polyester, macromolecule epoxy resin and amino resin combined with color pigments and grinded, and component A paint, supplemented by group B
Hardeners. It is used for high-grade decorative anti-corrosion coatings and industrial decorations.
(2) characteristics and uses:
This product has a high gloss, high hardness, color retention, good gloss retention, good toughness, strong adhesion, resistance to certain characteristics of acid and alkali and warm.
In fact, it is used for high-grade wood furniture, instrumentation, machine tools, metallurgical machinery equipment and other decorative protection paints. Can also be used for steel products, steel roof trusses,
Bridges, petrochemical pipelines, gas tanks, oil storage tanks, concrete floors, high-level smoke windows, etc.
(3) Technical indicators:
project index
1. Color and appearance
2. Viscosity (Coated -4 cups) S ≥
3. Fineness um ≤
4. Drying time h dry table ≤
Hard work ≤
5. Gloss (%) ≥
6, hardness (after 7 days) ≥
7. Adhesion (level) ≤
8. Impact strength:
The paint film is smooth and smooth, and it conforms to the color difference range of the standard sample board.
(4) Construction Reference:
1. A: B component ratio of 1 to 1,2,1,4 to 1 ratio, mixing and mixing for 15 minutes before use.
2. Case of paint over-used with cyclohexanone: xylene = 2 to 1 dilution of the mixed solvent or my plant dedicated persimmon-like punishment, avoid using alcohol solvent and aromatics solvent dilution;
3. The surface of the construction needs to be rusted, dried, and brushed.
4. The uneven surface needs to be smoothed with a matching epoxy putty primer.
5. Packaging specifications: Group A 20 kg, Group B 20 kg or 10 kg or 5 kg, pay attention to fire prevention.