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ZH04 floor coating
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Product Detail
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ZH04 anti-static floor coating

Performance, characteristics, use:
This product is a high-solid-solvent type two-component normal-temperature curing coating. It forms a 1-2 mm thick colored protective coating on the surface of the concrete floor. It is anti-static, oil-resistant, chemical-resistant, wear-resistant, non-slip, and easy to clean. Such advantages, strong coating adhesion, easy construction. For electronic factories, computer rooms, oil and oil storage, chemical factories, pharmaceutical factories, precision machinery factories.
Technical Parameters:
Items Unit Primer Topcoat
Exterior   black Gray, no light
Coating ratio weight ratio 4:l  
Surface resistivity Ω·cm 104-108 106-108
Pencil hardness H Not less than 1 Not less than 1
Wear resistance 250g500r G   Not more than 0.2
Bonding strength N/CM2 Not less than 25 Not less than 25
Mixed use time, 20°C h Not less than 4 Not less than 4
Painting interval 20°C h 18-24 18-24
 Construction method:
The coating quality of this coating is closely related to the construction technology. If the construction matters are not clear, please contact the Technical Department of our factory.