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Z98 anti-mold rodent anti-corrosion paint
Product Detail
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Z98 anti-mold rodent anti-corrosion paint

(1), product introduction:
Z98 anti-mold anti-rat bite anti-corrosion paint is made of high-grade resin and high-elasticity resin as base material, high-efficiency anti-mold, anti-rat bite main agent, colored pigments, fillers and various additives. It is produced through the mixing and grinding process, and has many characteristics such as fast drying at room temperature, anti-mildew, anti-mouse bite, and anti-worm protection. The rat smelled the odor in the paint and it left automatically. If the rat bite into the surface layer of the paint, it will poison and die. This product is a domestic original, exclusive development of the market, users are welcome to promote the adoption. Can be widely used in wire, cable, and embedded pipes, rods, etc. to be mold, rat bites, moth-eaten parts, good decorative, good anti-corrosion effect, with a variety of colors available on the non-metallic surface will be directly coated after surface treatment General ceremony can be two to three. For metal surfaces, the metal surface can be rusted and then coated with epoxy resin primer or a Type 70-III rust primer, followed by two coats of Z98 mildew, rodent-proof, and anti-corrosion paint. .
(2) Technical indicators:
Items Indicators Detection method
Film color and appearance Meet the standard model, smooth and smooth. GBl729—79
Viscosity (coating a 4 cups) S    ≥ 40 GBl723—79
Drying time h
Dry≤ 1 GBl728—79
Hard work≤ 24
Flexibility  mm 1 GBl731—79
Impact strength 50 GBl732—79
Water resistance 7 days No blistering, no shedding GBl733—79
Flash point  ℃    ≥ 30 GB5208—79
(3), use methods and packaging:
This product is a two-component package, group A 20kg, group B 2kg: (A: B = 10:1), can also be A group 20kg, B group 4kg, before use, B group into the A component to fully stir Can be used afterwards. If it is found that the viscosity is large, it can be diluted with thinner 5-10% (Z98 special diluent), and the substrate should be properly ground before painting to thoroughly remove oil, rust and dust. Brushing, spraying and dipping can be applied during construction. Usually two to three coats, each dry film thickness of 20 ± 5um, the use of 130-150g per square meter. Note: After the two groups of AB are mixed, the pot life is 6 hours. After the time is over, the pot should not be used. Pay attention to the dosage and the painting time should be more than 16 hours per painting. Put into use until the paint is completely dry before it can be used. Thorough drying should be done according to the temperature difference.
(4), safety precautions
1. The construction site should pay attention to ventilation, smoking is strictly prohibited.
2. This product is toxic, but harmless to the human body, use gloves, masks and glasses protective articles when using, if any paint sticks to the skin, it should be scrubbed once with thinner as soon as possible, and then rinse with tap water.
3. This product is strictly prohibited entrance, should pay attention to safekeeping.
4. This product has a shelf life of 12 months and is stored in a ventilated, dry, fireproof place.