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Road sign paint
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XE88 Acrylic Modified Fast Dry Road Marker Dash Paint

(1) Composition:
The paint is made of solid acrylic resin, modified high chlorinated resin, additives, filler dry oil, solvent reaction grinding.
(2), characteristics and uses:
With drying express, drying time 3-5 minutes, low cost, good luminosity, wear resistance, water resistance, good corrosion resistance, widely used in cement asphalt pavement branching, signage.
(3) Technical Specifications:
Items Indicators
1.Film color and appearance White, yellow, etc.
Uniform film, no cracking, blistering, wrinkles and other phenomena.
2.Viscosity (coating a 4 cups)   S    ≥ 40
3.Fineness               um    ≤ 60
4.Covering power        g/m2   ≤ 150
5.Drying time        min      ≤ 20
6.Adhesion (level)   ≤ 2
(4), construction reference:
1. The paint dries quickly, brushing, spraying.
2. When the viscosity is large during construction, it can be diluted with a stupid, dilute, solvent oil, and mixed solvent.
3. The storage time is one year.