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Fireproof coating
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Product Detail
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WCB outdoor ultra-thin steel structure fireproof coating

First, Product Description
It is composed of high-strength special flame-retardant resin, high-efficiency flame retardant, foaming agent, solvent, auxiliary agent, etc. The paint has a thin coating, low dosage, long fire-resistance, and adhesion. Strong knots, water resistance, weather resistance, impact resistance, freeze-thaw resistance. And it has good chemical and atmospheric corrosion resistance. The coating immediately expands and thickens in the event of a fire, forming a dense, uniform and uniform foaming layer, prolongs the fire-resistant time, fast drying, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, etc. The physical and chemical properties, while having a high bond strength, colorful, so as to achieve fire protection. Wide range of applications, can be applied in the lower temperature environment.
Second, product use
The outdoor ultra-thin steel structure fire retardant coating is suitable for fire-retardant, fire-retardant and flame-retardant of metal structures and non-metallic structures such as gymnasiums, exhibition halls, airports, high-rise buildings, underground engineering, and industrial plants. If it is applied to the surfaces of steel structures (such as swimming pools) that have been exposed to moisture for a long time, the thickness of the fire-retardant coating must reach the fire-resistance level, and a special one should be applied after painting and waterproof anti-corrosion decorative finish (second pass).
Third, the product of the main technical indicators and fire performance indicators
Fire time(min) 30 60 90 120
Coating thickness(mm) 0.6 1.02 1.48 1.99
Theoretical dosage kg/m2 about 1.08 1.55 2.68 3.60
Test items Technical indicators
1. In the container Uniform and delicate state after stirring, no agglomeration
2. Drying time (dry)h ≤8h
3. Appearance and color white
4. Initial dry crack resistance No crack
5. Bonding strength (Mpa) ≥0.2
6. Freeze-thaw cycles (times) ≥720No peeling, peeling, hollowing, cracking of the coating
7. Thermal resistance (h) ≥504No layering and shedding phenomenon of coating
8. Hot and humid resistance (times) ≥15No cracking, shedding, blistering of the coating
9. Acid resistance (h) ≥360No layer formation, shedding, blistering
10. Alkaline resistance (h) ≥360No layer formation, shedding, blistering
Fourth, construction instructions
1. Base surface treatment: Before construction, dust and oil impurities on the surface of the steel structure that has been treated for rust prevention must be removed.
2, the construction environment: relative humidity ≤ 85% is appropriate, the surface of the steel structure has condensation, humidity is too high or rainy days should not work, should be protected from the rain within 4h after coating.
3. Construction method: The paint shall be applied by brush or roller and shall be applied every 24 hours. The paint shall be fully mixed when used. If it is too thick, it may be diluted with an appropriate amount of special thinner.
V. Storage and Transportation
Outdoor ultra-thin steel structure fire retardant coating is a solvent-based paint, is a general dangerous goods, can be transported in accordance with the provisions of the general dangerous goods, the paint is stored in the indoor 50C-350C, the ventilation environment, storage valid for not less than 12 months, more than storage It can still be used after the inspection meets the requirements.