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Waterborne epoxy resin emulsion

1,Product basic parameters
Indicators     KL201    
Exterior     milky
Even liquid
Solid content (%)     49~51    
Epoxy value     0.2~0.3    
VOC content (g/L) ≤10
Density (g/cm3)     1.05~1.08    
pH value 7~8
Free emulsifier Without
Shelf life     12 months    
2, product characteristics
Low VOC;
Excellent resistance to salt spray, water, and media;
Good mechanical and storage stability.
3, storage
The product is stored in a cool and ventilated place with a shelf life of 12 months. It can be used after passing the expiration inspection.
4, use
Mainly used in waterborne epoxy floor paint, railways, locomotives, bridges, containers with paint, water-based epoxy industrial anti-corrosion and home improvement paint, metal paint.