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Titanium nano coating
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Titanium nano polymer alloy coating

1, titanium nano polymer alloy polymer in industry
Corrosion protection applications
The titanium nano polymer alloy polymer material is a scientific and technological achievement of independent intellectual property rights developed and cooperated by China Jiangsu Jinling Special Coatings Co., Ltd. and Hunan University of China. This achievement has 15 invention patents and 2 utility model patents. The nanometer polymer alloy paint series prepared by using this material has obtained the “high-tech product certification” authorized by the Chinese government; it is manufactured in petrochemical, aerospace, marine engineering, ships and containers, high-end equipment, and military manufacturing. In the field of protection, it has been widely used.
2, material composition application range
The new material of titanium nano-molecular alloy is a polymer alloy modified or copolymerized with nano-organic titanium precursor (oligomer) and other polymers (such as EP/PAES/BMI/PESK).
Used in different anti-corrosion environments in the industry, especially in the "acid-etched" environment, to solve the acid corrosion, especially the "H2S" metal corrosion.
3, material characteristics
a, Due to the introduction of metallic titanium in the structure, it has excellent performance as if it can withstand corrosion under various harsh environments.
b, stable performance, resistance to natural aging, anti-ultraviolet radiation, electrochemical corrosion resistance and cathodic corrosion, providing 2-5 times the life of traditional anti-corrosion coating.
c, the polymer itself has conductivity, anti-stray current, has the special effect of shielding electromagnetic, radar and raw nano wave, used by military engineers camouflage.
d, seawater corrosion test, corrosion threshold for 50 years, namely seawater almost no corrosion to titanium nano-polymer alloy coating, recommended for marine engineering protection.
4, applied in petrochemical industry
(1) Large-scale storage tanks: In order to solve large-scale storage tanks in the petrochemical environment, they are exposed to various acidic media in the chemical atmosphere and the inner wall of the storage tanks. Nano-organic titanium matrix polymer anti-corrosion coating was used for anti-corrosion coating protection on the inner wall of refinery sewage treatment tanks, underground sewage treatment tanks and ethylene glycol, styrene transfer tanks. After four major repair cycles (more than 10 years), the protective coating is still intact.
(2) Heat exchange equipment: Petrochemicals Because of serious fouling of the heat exchanger, the heat transfer effect of the heat exchanger is severely restricted, and a large amount of energy is wasted. Damage to the heat exchanger not only causes frequent maintenance and repair, raw materials and products run counter-infected, poisonous and hazardous materials infringe on personal safety, and pollutes the environment, but also results in accidental shutdown of the device and brings about an astonishing loss of production. In order to solve the corrosion of the H2S-HCL-H2O system in the petrochemical production system to the tube bundles of the heat exchange equipment, titanium nano-polymer alloy polymer was used to protect the carbon steel bundles of the heat exchange equipment and the corrosion of the tube bundles was successfully solved. It can increase the service life of carbon steel tubes by 2-3 times.
(3) Sulfur-contaminated wastewater from sour water gas installations of petrochemical plants has serious corrosion to water tanks and the system internals. In the antiseptic field it is called a tough hard bone. The use of China's existing special anti-corrosive coating can not solve the problem. Less than 3 months after the coating was used, it lost its effect, resulting in stress corrosion cracking of the tank wall. Using titanium nano polymer alloy polymer produced by our company, after more than 10 years of use, it proves that the paint coating completely solves the problem of acidic water tank and has been widely applied in petrochemical industry.
5, industrial furnace desulfurization system
The use of "titanium nano-polymer alloy polymer" independently developed by our company has been used for more than 6 years as an anti-corrosion coating, and the effect is very good. With the continuous development of energy-saving work, the temperature of the exhaust gas from the tube furnace is getting lower and lower. However, strong low-carbon dew point corrosion often occurs on the heat exchange surfaces of air preheaters, waste heat boilers, and other heat recovery equipment. In less than one year of operation, the heat exchange surface is severely corroded and the tube furnace cannot be normal operation. It can be said that low-carbon dew point corrosion has become a deterrent to reducing the exhaust temperature of tube furnaces and increasing the thermal efficiency. Therefore, the anti-corrosion coating in the flue gas containing a variety of media such as sulfide, to solve the ferrous metal surface corrosion of conventional special anti-corrosion coating corrosion resistance intolerance temperature and temperature corrosion resistance problems.