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Road sign paint
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T88 hot melt road marking paint

With the continuous development of the transportation industry, the society is making continuous progress and it is necessary to build a road first. The development of the expressway in recent years is very fast, which is conducive to the economic development of the society and its continuous growth. The hot melt road marking paint developed and produced by our factory has unique features: low cost, fast drying, good lightness, strong abrasion resistance and good waterproof performance. It is widely used on cement pavement and asphalt pavement as a mark. Line and cordon use.
(1) Composition:
The paint is made by dehydrating malic acid resin and refining dry oil, refining and reheating the melted material, grinding the pigment, and mixing it with a mixed solvent.
(2), characteristics and uses:
With fast drying, low cost, good brightness, wear resistance, and excellent water resistance, it is widely used in cement floors and asphalt roads as sub-lines, signs and warning lines.
(3) Technical Specifications:
project index
l.Film color and appearance White, yellow paint film, no cracking, blistering, wrinkles and other phenomena.
2.Viscosity (coating a 4 cups) S   ≥ 30
3.Covering power     g/m2  ≤ 160
4.Drying time  min          ≤ 25
5.Adhesion (level)         ≤ 2
(4), construction reference:
1. The paint can be dried quickly, brushed or sprayed.
2. The viscosity is large during construction and can be diluted with toluene, xylene, solvent oil, and mixed solvents.
3. One year storage time