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SG car chassis paint
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SGB car chassis paint

First, composition:
The paint is a black paint made of high-molecular resin, synthetic resin, natural resin and epoxy-type nanometer material after high-temperature refining, adding solvent, curing agent, wetting agent, etc., two-component packaging, Group A 20kg, Group 5kg, 4:1 used.
Second, performance and use:
The paint not only has excellent salt spray resistance, impact resistance, high and low temperature resistance, water resistance, but also has very good effects on acid, alkali, and electrical insulation. It is particularly suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized trucks, passenger cars, cars, chassis tanks and other metal materials, plastic, non-metallic surface coating play a very good protection.
Third, technical standards and test methods:
Items Indicators Testing method
Film color and appearance Black, smooth GB/T1729
Viscosity (paint a 4 cups) S 45-100 GB/T1729
Covering power g/m2   ≤ 40 GA2—502—67
Fineness um       ≤ 30 GB/T1724
Drying time h Dry  ≤ 1 GB/T1728
Hard work  ≤ 12
Impact strength 50 GB/T1732
Adhesion level 2 GB/T9286
Flexibility  mm 1 GB/T1731
Water resistance (24h) Remove the paint film after 2h HG2-510-67
Petrol resistance (90#) 72h No change in film HG2-510-67
Acid resistance (immersed in 40% H2S04 solution for 72 hours) No change in film HG2018-57
Fourth, packaging, storage and transportation:
1, two-component packaging, A group 20kg, B group 5kg, that is, 4:1 ratio, with good mixing and maturation after 15 minutes can be used, when the concentration can be added special thinner 5-8% for plastic The surface of the component can be increased with thinner material.
2. Storage: In the closed original condition, one year from the date of production, stored in ventilated and dry place, and away from the fire.
V. Construction Notice:
Before the above SGA, SGB two kinds of paint construction coating, the steel surface and the non-metal surface are first processed clean, and the same treatment as normal paint, the steel surface to meet the secondary rust standards and can be painted. One-component, open the barrel after mixing with special thinner adjustment to about 40 seconds and can be painted; two-component, generally 4:1 after mixing with special thinner the same adjustment to 40 seconds and can be painted, thinner material 5-8%. Brush, spray, dip.