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ZH04 floor coating
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Product Detail
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Self-leveling epoxy floor finish

1, product description
Jinling Self-leveling Epoxy Floor Finish is a solvent-free, self-leveling, particle-dense, high-viscosity epoxy floor coating.
2, design use
Used as a surface protective coating in environments with severe corrosion, vehicle traffic, chemicals, etc., for ground protection in factories, warehouses, garages, etc.
3, physical parameters
No. project index
1 Paint surface highlight
2 colour Gray (Other colors available on request)
3 Volume solids 100%
4 Theoretical coating rate 3 l/m2 (measured in dry film 3mm)
5 Flash point 100℃
6 proportion About 1.80 kg/l
7 Touch dry 24 hours
8 Fully cured 7 days
9 Storage stability 1 year (20°C)
10 With force level ≤ 2
11 Flexibility mm ≤ 3
12 Anti-impact kg. Cm ≥ 30
13 Acid resistance (165 u m 10% H2S04 liquid) 72h coating no change
14 Alkali resistance (165 μm lO% NaOH solution) 72h coating no change
15 Pencil hardness ≥ 2H
16 Wear resistance (750g, .300 rpm) weight loss g ≤ 0.040
4,Construction instructions
project Instructions
The mixing ratio Base: Curing Agent: Aggregate = 27.5:12.5:60 (by weight)
Validity period 1 hour (20°C, 10 liters)
Construction tools Roller, roller
Tool cleaning Special thinner
Film thickness Wet film: 3mm Dry film: 3mm
Recoating interval Minimum: 36 hours (20°C) Maximum: 3 days (20°C)
Surface treatment It must be ensured that the ground is sufficiently flat, otherwise it will cause the product to flow from high to low during leveling. The unevenness of the paint film thickness on the uneven ground will lead to various defects in the paint, such as paint uplift, blistering, slight difference, and insufficient film thickness. Before construction should be polished to remove: quartz sand, droplets, cleft lip, floating slurry and other foreign bodies. All the holes, funnel pits, cracks and gaps are filled with Jinling epoxy floor paint and quartz sand. Use a small wooden rod to frame the perimeter with the specified film thickness to avoid the escape of self-leveling epoxy floor paint. After the product is cured, remove the wooden stick with a knife as soon as possible.
Construction Conditions In the construction and curing, the ambient temperature should exceed 10 °C, the paint temperature is best around 15 °C, and condensation should be avoided before and after construction and construction.
Construction method It is best to use a low-speed stirrer when mixing. The mixing step is:
1. First base material into the container;
2. Add the aggregate while stirring;
3. Finally add the curing agent.
After mixing for 10 minutes at low speed, the product can be applied. Considering the approximate ratio of the quantity and the area, pour this product to the ground and use a tweezers with triangular teeth to flatten the paint. The tooth depth is based on the thickness of the paint film after self-leveling. After 30 to 45 minutes of application, use a defoaming roller to remove residual air. When walking on this coating, special spikes are required to be worn.
Prepainting Jinling brand self-leveling epoxy floor intermediate paint
After paint None, or add this product without aggregates.
5, Remarks: This product is only suitable for professional use.
6, Note: The relevant data in this manual is obtained under standard conditions. When it is actually used, the environmental conditions may differ slightly from it. If there is any change in the above data, the latest specifications of the company shall prevail without notice.