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RUST-X stabilized waterborne rust primer

Our company and the United States and the United States and Canada International Enterprises jointly develop RUST-X stabilized waterborne rust primer is completely using the latest technology and imported materials in the United States, and the coating brushing area, fast drying, hard and strong, non-toxic environmental protection , No pollution, no danger, brush once (single layer) completely transforms rust into useful ingredients. (Single layer) will not rust in indoor for about ten years, and will not rust in outdoor for one year. If you add a middle paint and two coats or two bottom coats, it will not rust for more than 15 years. . The United States has sold more than twenty countries and regions, the results of the United States by the United States metal rust special expert "Pitt Bagle" patented technology, China's exclusive cooperation.
1,Composition of RUST-X stabilized waterborne rust primer: It is synthesized from macromolecular film-forming resin, rust-containing herbicide, rust conversion agent, metal cleaning agent, surfactant, binding agent, and various additives. The reaction is made of two kinds of one-component coating and two-component coating. After agitating the single component, the milk liquid is directly painted, and after brushing for ten minutes, it is converted into a light black surface coating. The two-component liquid is mixed thoroughly after mixing the single component liquid 70% and the red-brown powder 30%. After aging for 15 minutes and brushing, the dark red-brown liquid turned into a deep red-brown surface coating ten minutes after brushing. The single and double groups were dry for 20 minutes and dried for 8 hours.
2, the performance and use of RUST-X stabilized waterborne rust primer
(1), the steel surface simple removal, removal of heavy oil, mud bar, dust, welding it, floating rust, rust distillation, etc. This requires the use of wire brush or iron sandpaper, the surface is removed and polished, basically clean to brush. No sand blasting, shot blasting, labor intensity reduction, cost savings.
(2), the coating area of ​​the paint, brushing 12-15 square meters per kilogram or so, the brushing area of ​​more than a single group, film thin; some less double, thicker film. Less rust re-brushing area, rust light brushing area larger, dry film thickness of one component 15-20um, two-component 20-25um, the amount of paint and more than the normal coating can be more than 60% area, saving costs, The effect is good and the antiseptic time is long.
(3), normal anti-rust primer in outdoor 6 months or so, need to add intermediate paint and topcoat, and the paint is a long time without imitation, according to the need to add middle paint and topcoat, the effect is better, up to 15 years the above.
(4), the coating has the transformation of rust, stable rust development of important properties, after brushing the rust into useful ingredients in the paint, more importantly in the steel surface conversion to generate a layer of phosphate film is completely isolated from the air, will no longer produce corrosion The film is hard and firm, not easily weathered and corrosive, and has good anti-corrosion effect. It is an ideal coating with rust.
(5), the coating is widely used in shipbuilding, aircraft, bridges, mines, metallurgy, mining, machinery, petroleum and petrochemical, chemical, port and other steel surface anti-corrosion use, for the surface rust-proof primer coating. No matter how good the surface treatment of the paint is, the resulting anti-corrosion effect is not good. The paint completely controls the rust on the surface rust, together with various bottom, middle, and topcoats. The inorganic zinc silicate shop primer used in the shipbuilding industry is costly and expensive. The RUST-X can be used completely. Stabilized rust-primed one-component instead.
3, RUST-X stabilized waterborne rust primer technical indicators
Color: One-component milk blue, two-component reddish brown
Solid content: 26% for single group and 48% for double group;
Specific gravity (23 °C): single group 1.12, double group 1.18;
PH value: 0.8-2.5
Coating rate (g/m2): single group ≤ 68, double group ≤ 85
Dry table: ≤20min
Hard work: ≤8h
Dry film thickness: single group ≥ 15um, double group ≥ 20um;
Adhesion (circling method): Level 2
       (pull method): mpa (3.0-12.9)100B/Y
Flexibility: 3mm
Supporting: well matched with various coatings
Water resistance: 30h
Flash point: 210°C, non-flammable
Solubility: soluble in water
Hazardous: Non-toxic
Odor: non-irritating
Storage period: 12 months
Packing: plastic bucket
4, pay attention to matters
(1). RUST-X stabilized waterborne rust primer is one pack and two pack packaging, single pack 5kg, 10kg, 25kg plastic bucket, two packs group A liquid plastic bucket 5kg, 10kg, 25kg, Group B red-brown powder iron drum + plastic bag lining 2.2kg, 4.4kg, 10.8kg, one-component fully stir and can be used, two-component group B powder is added to the group A liquid, stir well, place 15 minutes, stir well and use. If it is thick with the paint, tap water can be added 3-5%, and it should not be added in excess.
(2), this product has a small amount of non-toxic acid material, should not be imported, pay attention to safety during construction, such as run into the eyes or skin wash with water in a timely manner, such as dry is not easy to clean, but no imitation.
(3), this product can be brushed, sprayed, rolled, dip coated, after about 15 minutes after coating, single component into black, double component into a dark red brown, according to the need to recoat, repeat the coating without imitation .
(4), this product is fast drying, as the bottom treatment, after coating 4-6 hours can be added to paint the bottom, middle, topcoat, can also be used for the final coating, the final coating is generally more than two.
(5), this product is stored in the general place above 0 °C and can be, no flammable, non-toxic, non-polluting, no need for fire protection measures.