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Polyurethane cyanine waterproof coating

Composition One-component or two-component curing type anti-corrosion coating consisting of cyanogen prepolymers, additives, catalysts, solvents, etc.
Performance Low viscosity, good permeability, strong adhesion between coating film and coated surface; low content of isocyanate (1-Nc0), excellent film impermeability (water impermeability); good mechanical properties and strength of coating film Large; good chemical stability, superior anti-corrosion properties, and resistance to rain erosion and adhesion of pollutants, good mold resistance.
  The moisture-proof, waterproof and decoration of various buildings indoor floor, basement, and floors of hotels, guest houses, offices, and warehouses are adjusted with various pigment powders, with bright and smooth color and wear-resistance.
Uses Concrete surfaces such as water towers, pools, caverns, tunnels, underground structures, and hydraulic structures. When there is no serious leakage of permeability, such as sweating, dampness, etc., can be applied to the surface of the water or back surface, coated PN-1, can play a role in preventing leakage.
Equipment based moisture, waterproof    
Water pipe and chemical pipe plugging
colour Tan (or various colors)
Viscosity (coating a 4 cup) S 60
Construction Brush directly after mixing in a single group. Both groups can be either 4:1 or 2:1
Theoretical usage 100-160g/m2
Dry film thickness 75um  
Film drying time Table dry: 0.5-8h Hard dry: 24h Fully cured: 7d
Painting interval temperature 15℃ 25℃ 35℃
Shortest 1—16h 0.5—12h 0.5—6h
longest 24h 24h 24h
Coating method Brush coating, spray coating (pipe plugging winding method)
Coating number Single coating and special site patching method: one cloth with two oils or one cloth with three oils
Dilute agent Special thinner
Storage period 6 months