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Fireproof coating
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NB indoor thin steel structure fireproof coating

1, product composition:
NB indoor thin steel structure fireproof coating is a new type of fireproof coating made of organic composite resin, filler, etc., and made of the latest type of flame retardant, foam, carbon, catalyst and other processing.
2, product use:
It is used for fire protection, corrosion protection, thermal insulation and decorative effects of beams, columns, and steel pipelines in gymnasiums, exhibition halls, power plants, airports, station waiting rooms, and industrial plants with exposed load-bearing steel structures.
3, the principle of fire protection:
The paint is sprayed on the surface of the steel structure and usually plays a decorative role. If it is exposed to fire, it can expand and thicken and charring, forming a non-flammable sponge-like carbonaceous layer, thereby increasing the fire-resistance limit of the steel structure to more than 2.5 hours, and winning the fire-extinguishing time. Effective Protect steel structures from fire.
4, performance characteristics:
(1) Excellent fireproof performance, long fire-resistant time, able to withstand the test of fire;
(2) High strength: It is not necessary to reinforce the wire mesh of the fireproof coating during construction, and it can be painted, rolled and sprayed directly after mixing;
(3) excellent weather resistance, long-term protection of the surface layer will not rust.
5, technical indicators:
No. Test item name Standard Requirements and Standard Terms Number results of testing in conclusion
1 The status in the container After stirring, it is in a homogeneous liquid state or a thick fluid state without agglomeration. After stirring, it became a homogeneous liquid without caking. qualified
2 Drying time (dry) ≤12h 8h qualified
3 Initial dry crack resistance Allow 1 to 3 cracks, the width should be ≤ 0.5mm. No crack qualified
4 Bond strength ≥0.15MPa 1.12MPa qualified
5 Water resistance ≥24h The coating should be free from layering, foaming and peeling. Soaked for 24h, the coating did not rise, foam, fall off. qualified
6 Cold and heat cycle resistance ≥ 15 times The coating should have no cracking, peeling or blistering. After 15 cycles, the coating did not crack, peel off or blisters. qualified
7 Fire resistance When the coating thickness is not more than (5.0±0.5) mm, the fire resistance limit should not be less than 1.0h.
Fire resistance determination: Loss of carrying capacity -
The maximum deflection of the coated steel beam is L0/20 (L0 is the span of the steel beam in mm).
The measured coating thickness was 4.7 mm, the fire resistance test was carried out until 160 min, and the fire endurance was equal to 2.7 h. qualified

6, construction methods:
(1) For the construction of the fireproof coating, since the fireproof coating is generally rough, it is advisable to use a self-respecting spray gun with an automatic pressure regulation of 0.4-0.6 MPa; a partial repair and a small area construction may be applied by brush, spray or roll, with one of them One or more methods can be easily applied. Spray nozzles for spray primers can be used for spray coating when the adjustable nozzle diameter is 1-3mm. Such as artificial brushing, brushing the number of roads increased accordingly.
(2) The thickness of each pass shall not exceed 0.5mm during spraying, and shall be sprayed once every 8 hours in fine weather conditions. When spraying a paint, it must be dried after the previous one and then sprayed again. Manually brushing each channel is thinner, and the number of channels is measured according to the thickness.
(3) According to the fire-resistant time requirements of the steel structure to be coated to determine the appropriate coating thickness, the coating consumption of 1-1.5 kg per square meter of the theory of spray coating is 1-1.5 kg.
(4) It is recommended to apply 1-2 times of acrylic or polyurethane anti-corrosion top coat after brushing fire retardant paint to ensure that the paint film is smooth and smooth, and has good anti-corrosion and decorative effects.
7, the amount of use:
Fire resistance design limit is 1 hour, spraying thickness is 2mm, dosage is 2-2.5kg/m2; refractory design limit is 2 hours, spray thickness is 4mm, dosage is 4-4.5kg/m2. The fireproof design limit is 2.5 hours, the spray thickness is 4.7-5.0mm, and the dosage is 4.5-5.5kg/m2.
8, storage environment:
It should be stored and transported in a dry and ventilated room at -5°C to 40°C. This coating is a solvent-based type that is far away from the fire and is safe to use. It is stored in a paint-like manner.