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MEP Chlorine Ether Heavy-duty Anti-corrosion Topcoat

First, composition:
The component A anti-corrosion coating made of imported chlorine ether resin, modified resin plasticizer, pigments, auxiliaries, solvents, etc. The film is tough, strong adhesion, fast drying, good weather resistance, instead of the conventional high chlorination , chlorinated rubber, chlorosulfonation and other coatings.
Second, characteristics:
The resin does not contain saponifiable ester ether. The chlorine atom bonded is very stable. The coating has water resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, is not easy to aging, is not easy to yellow, powder, and has good stability.
Third, use:
Widely used in shipbuilding and other packaging, port machinery, petroleum, petrochemical, mining and steel warehouse decoration for paint finishing.
Fourth, technical parameters:
Color: various colors
Gloss: half light
Theoretical coating rate: 130g/m2
Dry film thickness: 30-35um
Specific gravity: 1-1.25
Drying time: (23°C) Surface dry ≤ 2h, hard dry ≤ 24h
Completely cured: 7d
Storage period: 12 months
V. supporting programs:
Primer MEP Chlorine Ether Red Anti-rust primer two, dry film thickness 60um
Middle paint MEP-1 epoxy cloud iron intermediate paint (all colors), dry film thickness 70um
Topcoat MEP-2 Chlorine Ether Heavy Duty Anti-corrosion Finish Two-way, Dry Film Thickness 70um
Sixth, construction instructions:
1, the added material is a single component, to be fully stirred before use can be painted, such as the concentration of thick can be added 5-8% chloroether
2, construction temperature -5 ~ 40 °C, relative humidity of not less than 85%, to ventilate.
3, paint stored in ventilated, dry, cool, away from fire.
4. The storage period of the paint is one year. If it exceeds the time, it must be re-tested before it can be used.