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Epoxy series anti-corrosion coating
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JL830 Aluminum Foil Bottom Antirust Paint

Composition: It consists of coal tar pitch, aluminum powder and other anti-corrosion pigments, constitution pigments, and coal coke solvents.

Main characteristics: It has good wettability, wet adhesion, rust resistance, water resistance and good alkali resistance to steel. The paint film contains more aluminum powder and has certain resistance to atmospheric exposure, but The film is poor in heat resistance.

Uses: Suitable for the bottom of the ship as a bottom anti-rust primer, can also be used as anti-corrosion of immersed water facilities such as condensing pipes, pontoons, sinks and other interior.

Appearance: Silver brown, indefinite tone, smooth film.
Construction parameters: volume solids 53±3% (measured according to GB/T9272 eqv ISO 3233:1998)
                                          Dry film thickness 40μm
                                          Wet film thickness 75μm
                                          Theoretical dosage 99g/m2
Flash point: 54°C
Drying time (23°C): surface dry ≤3h dry ≤24h
Recommended coating number: 2 tracks, dry film thickness greater than 80μm
Former auxiliaries: H06-1 epoxy zinc-rich shop primer, H06 epoxy iron red shop primer or HWE inorganic zinc silicate shop primer
After the road with supporting paint: JL831 black brown asphalt bottom anti-rust paint
Surface treatment: scaled steel: sandblasted to Sa2 level
Non-oxide steel: polished to St3 level with elastic grinding wheel
Steel coated with shop primer: Secondary rust removal at the paint film damage and rust, polished to St3 grade.
Welding, flame cutting or pyrotechnic correction burned parts: polished to St3 level.
Construction conditions: The temperature of the substrate must be 3°C above the dew point and the relative humidity should not be greater than 85%.
Packing: 20L barrel 25kg
Warranty period : 12 months
Description: This product is mainly composed of coal tar pitch and floating aluminum powder. After being stored for a period of time, it is black.
Asphalt has a great coloring effect, aluminum powder will be affected by the color from silver and silver brown, resulting in paint film
The darkening of color is a normal phenomenon and will not have any effect on rust prevention performance.