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High temperature anti-corrosion coating
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Jinling WE83 smoke window temperature anti-corrosion paint (two-component)

1,Composition: Organic silicone resin, polyester epoxy resin, ultra-fine zinc powder, special temperature-resistant anti-corrosive pigments, fillers, additives, curing agents, organic solvents, etc., bottom smoke window paint, both A and B components package.
2, color: primer, gray. Topcoat, white, red, black, bean green, silver gray, medium gray, dark gray, light gray, grayish green, dark green.
3, performance: heat resistance, sudden change in temperature, can be long-term temperature of 400 °C, room temperature self-drying curing, supporting the bottom of the combination of good, corrosion-resistant, chemical-resistant atmosphere, water resistance, humidity, weather, has a good decorative.
4, Uses: used for high temperature anti-corrosion protection of blast furnace hot blast stove inner and outer walls, smoke windows, flue ducts, drying tunnels, exhaust pipes, high-heat gas pipelines, heating furnaces, heat exchangers, and other non-metal and metal surfaces. After the paint and the temperature-resistant base material are 1:1, they can be used for the temperature-resistant cement of metal and non-metal. After the coater is dried, it can be firmly bonded to the surface layer.
5, Theoretical consumption: primer 170 g/m2, topcoat 100-120 g/m2
6, film thickness: primer 30 microns, topcoat 20-25 microns
7,Proportioning: Primer A (paint): Part B (curing agent) = 4:1
           Topcoat A (paint): Part B (curing agent) = 4:1. The topcoat can be used with a single component.
8, curing time: 25 °C primer 10-15 minutes, topcoat, mixing and mixing can be applied.
9, Applicable period: 25°C, 6 hours
10, coating methods: high pressure airless spray, brush, roller can be.
11, thinner and the amount of: primer using high temperature primer thinner, topcoat using high temperature paint thinner 3 ~ 5%
12, drying time: 25 °C primer to dry for 10 minutes, hard dry 24 hours
             Topcoat: dry for 1 hour and hard for 24 hours
13, coating interval: 25 °C primer minimum 4 hours topcoat minimum 24 hours
14, Surface treatment:
(1) Metal steel must be shot blasted or sandblasted, and then it can be treated with 88-1 degreasing and rust removing phosphating agent. After 24 hours of brushing, wipe with a dry cloth and paint.
(2) The surface of maintenance work can be manually derusted to reach St3 level.
 15, It is recommended that the number of coating steps be as follows: two dry films of primer to 60 μm and two coats of dry paint to reach 40-50 μm.
 16, Storage period: 6 months
 17,Packaging Specifications: Primer: Group A 20 kg Group B 5 kg One-component 20 kg
             Topcoat: Group A 20 kg Group B 5 kg Temperature resistant clay group 20 kg, Group B 20 kg.
18,Safety Measures:
    (1) Paint should be placed in a ventilated and dry place, away from fire and direct sunlight.
    (2) No open flame is allowed on the construction site.
    (3) In the construction of enclosed places, ventilation must be strengthened. Painters and constructors should wear protective articles to avoid poisoning.
     (4) The electric welding can not be painted immediately after completion, because of the high temperature and high solvent volatilization, affecting the coating quality and construction safety.
     (5) Before the film is completely dry or the film is cured, protective measures should be taken to avoid rain showers and trampling.