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High temperature anti-corrosion coating
Product Detail
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Jinling brand WFG heat insulation and anti-corrosion coating (two-component)

First, composition:
Silicone resin, polyester epoxy resin, hollow microspheres, special temperature-resistant anti-corrosive pigments, fillers, additives, curing agents, organic solvents, etc., and the bottom surface is packaged in Group A or Group B or Group A, Group B, Group C .
Second, color: primer is iron red, gray, topcoat is gray.
Third, performance:
Heat resistance, sudden change of temperature difference, long-term temperature resistance 200-400°C, self-drying at normal temperature, good supporting force on the bottom surface, chemical atmosphere resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, humidity resistance, weather resistance, and good corrosion resistance.
Fourth, use:
It is used for high temperature corrosion protection of blast furnace hot blast furnace inner and outer walls, chimney, flue, bake tunnel, exhaust pipe, high heat gas pipeline, heating furnace, heat exchanger and other non-metallic and metal surfaces, and can be used as temperature-resistant cement for metal and nonmetal. The use of putty, brushing, squeegee coating can be, solid dry can be firmly bonded to the surface layer.
V. Performance indicators
No items unit index
1 Slurry PH   7-8
2 Slurry density Kg/m3 <1000
3 Dry density Kg/m3 <250
4 Slurry shrinkage % <2.5
5 Insulation performance °C
(thickness 20mm)
Hot surface
Cold noodles
Hot surface
Cold noodles
6 tensile strength MPa 200 °C -400 °C constant temperature 1h> 0.1
7 Bond strength KPa 200 °C -400 °C constant temperature 1h >25
8 Extreme heat and cold resistance
-40°C-105°C Alternating
  Coating does not crack or fall off
9 Impact resistance   250g steel ball 1.5m high impact three times, the coating does not fall off
10 Thermal conductivity average temperature 400℃ w/m..k <0.05
11 Acid resistance   Soaked in 20% H2SO4 solution for 24 hours without cracking, falling off, insoluble
Six, surface treatment:
(1) The surface of the metal steel must be shot blasted or sandblasted, or polished with a sander to grind St2 grade.
(2) The surface of maintenance work can be manually derusted to reach St2 level.
Seven, it is recommended that the number of coating channels: according to the need for coating thickness.
VIII, storage period: 6 months.
Nine, packaging specifications:
A group of 20kg, B group 4kg, 5 to 1 to use. The clay is set according to the application and can be 1 to 1, 1 to 1.5 or 2.
X. Security Measures:
(1) The paint should be placed in a ventilated and dry place away from the fire and avoid direct sunlight.
(2) No open flame is allowed on the construction site.
(3) In the construction of enclosed places, ventilation must be emphasized. Painters and constructors should wear protective equipment to avoid poisoning.
(4) The electric welding can not be painted immediately after completion, because of the high temperature and high solvent volatilization, affecting the coating quality and construction safety.
(5) Before the paint film is completely dry or the paint film is solidified, protective measures should be taken to prevent it from being washed and trampled by rain.