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Jinling brand fluorine coating

First, composition and performance:
Jinling brand fluorine coating is mainly composed of tetrafluoroethylene, fluorine resin and other olefins with fillers, catalysts and other copolymers. Colorful, full paint film hard, wear-resistant, strong acid, strong salt, chemical atmosphere, corrosion resistance, and has good physical and mechanical properties, better anti-corrosion effect, up to 20 years.
Second, product use:
Widely used in anti-corrosion coating of bridges, machinery, ships, marine, chemical, buried pipelines, transformers, municipal facilities, metallurgy, mining, flooring, reactors, tank walls, billboards, and non-metallic fields. Can also be used for interior and exterior wall decoration.
Third, technical indicators
Items Indicators
1.Film color and appearance The film is smooth, bright and smooth
2.Fineness   um 40
3.Viscosity (coating viscosity cup s) 40
4.Flexibility  mm 1
5.hardness 70
6.Solid content 45
7.Drying time (h) Table dry 2
Hard work 24
8.Adhesion (level) 2
9.Resistant to 20% sulfuric acid (72h) No blistering, no shedding
10.Resistant to 20% Sodium Hydroxide (72h) No blistering, no shedding
11.Resistant to 5% salt water (72h) No blistering, no shedding
12.Resistant to 90 # gasoline (72 h) No blistering, no shedding
Fourth, construction process and precautions
1. The steel surface should be rusted and de-oiled to meet the St2 standard. After degreasing and degreasing, 88-1 oil removal, rust removal, and phosphating agent are applied. After 24 hours of drying, wipe with a dry cloth. Once again, it is best to paint again.
2. Non-metallic surfaces should be cleaned of dust, oil, etc., then sanded and painted.
3. The paint is a two-component coating, group A 20kg, group B 4kg, 5 to 1 to use, mature after 5 minutes.
4. Jinling brand fluorine coating is divided into bottom layer and surface layer. After coating the bottom layer first, then applying several coats of top coat. The surface layer paint will determine the number of tracks according to the need. The general anticorrosion will be on the bottom and the two sides, and the important part will be anticorrosion two bottoms or two bottoms and three sides. There are four or five ways.
5. Can use spray, roller, brush can be. If the viscosity of the paint is thick, add about 5-8% thinner for fluorine coating.
6. Pay attention to ventilation when using, and strictly prohibit smoke.
7. The shelf life of this coating is 12 months.