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Road sign paint
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J88 rubber road marking paint

(1) Composition:
The paint is made of rubber resin, modified alkyd resin plus desiccant, filler, solvent and reaction grinding.
(2), characteristics and uses:
Fast drying, low cost, good luminosity, wear resistance, long durability, good water resistance, widely applied to cement floors and asphalt roads
Used for branch lines, signs and cordon lines.
(3) Technical Specifications:
Items Indicators
1.Film color and appearance White, yellow, etc.
Uniform film, no cracking, blistering, wrinkles and other phenomena.
2.Viscosity (coating a 4 cups)  S     ≥ 40
3.Fineness              um     ≤ 70
4.Covering power         g/m2    ≤ 160
5.Drying time       min     ≤ 20
6.Adhesion (level)    ≤ 2
(4), construction reference:
1. The paint dries quickly, brushing, spraying.
2. The viscosity is large during construction and can be explained by toluene, xylene, solvent oil, and mixed solvents.
3. Storage time is one year.