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Inorganic phosphate, zinc-rich coating, inorganic zinc silicate coating
Product Detail
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HWE inorganic zinc silicate workshop primer

1, product description
  Jinling brand HWE inorganic zinc silicate shop primer is a two-component solvent-based modified zinc silicate shop primer designed for automatic spraying construction. Especially suitable for inert gas protection welding and gas cutting.
2, design use
  It is applied to the short-to-medium period of protection during the storage and processing of blast cleaned steel plates and other steel structures.
3, physical parameters
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1 Paint surface Pingguang
2 colour gray
3 Volume solids About 35%
4 Theoretical coating rate See note
5 Flash point 4℃
6 proportion About 1.6kg/1
7 Touch dry 3-4 minutes (25°C)
8 Fully cured 4 days (25°C, relative humidity: 65%)
9 Storage time 4 months (25°C). The storage period depends on the storage temperature. If the temperature is higher than 25 °C, the storage period decreases accordingly. The product storage temperature must not exceed 40 °C. If the glue is gelled before the liquid gel or mixed paint is applied, the storage time has exceeded the storage period.
10 Adhesion ≤ level 2
11 Film thickness 15-20um
12 Weather resistance  ≤ Level 3 (rust in marine climate) 6 months
13 Welding and cutting Comply with GB/T 6747 Appendix A.2
14 Forming and bending Conforms to GB/T 6747 Appendix A.3.1

Construction instructions
Items Instructions
The mixing ratio Base material: liquid = 2:1 (mass ratio)
Construction method Airless spray Air spray Brush (for repair)
Thinner Special thinner Special thinner Special thinner
Maximum usage 10% 15%   5%
Mixed use time 8 hours (25°C)
Spray hole 0.019-0.023”
Spray pressure 80 kg/cm2 (Airless spray data is for reference only, it can be adjusted in practice)
Tool cleaning Special thinner
Film thickness Wet film: Uncertain Dry film: 15 microns (see note)
Recoating interval Minimal: After Fully Cured Max: Unlimited (see Remarks)
Surface treatment Remove oil, grease, etc. with a suitable cleaner. The sand blasting is at least Sa2.5 grade, and the surface roughness is equivalent to N0.3 of Rugotest standard, at least N9a. If necessary, coarse sand can be sprayed.
Construction Conditions The construction surface requires clean and dry temperatures above the dew point to avoid condensation. The minimum temperature of the steel plate is 0°C and the highest is about 55°C. The minimum temperature required for curing is 0°C, the minimum relative humidity is 50%, preferably 65% or more
Add paint Apply according to regulations
5, note
After sandblasting, the roughness is Ra = 12.5 micrometers, which corresponds to Rugotest standard No. 3, NlOa-b steel plate surface, 15 microns dry film thickness is equivalent to 25 microns on a smooth test plate thickness. The corresponding theoretical coating rate is 14 m2/l. The roughness Ra = 6.3 μm, which corresponds to Rugotest's standard N0.3 N9a steel plate surface. A 15 μm dry film thickness corresponds to a thickness of 20 μm on a smooth test plate, corresponding to a theoretical coating rate of 17.5 m 2 / Rise. According to the specified coating protection life, the dry film thickness can be reduced and the minimum dry film thickness is about 10 microns. The film thickness must be uniform to avoid dry spray and excessive film thickness. The relative curing time is prolonged when the relative humidity is lower than 75%. There is no maximum recoating interval for adhesion, depending on the gradual failure of the paint film during processing and exposure. If the storage period is exceeded, but the paint can be evenly mixed, the zinc paste can still be used. If the liquid is not significantly turbid, the liquid can still be used, but the mixing period will be shortened. For liquids, the maximum storage period is only l-2 months (25°C). This product is approved by China Ship Inspection Bureau as a solderability shop primer.
6, note
This product is for professional use only.
7, security
Please note the safety precautions on the packaging label. In addition, safety regulations stipulated by the relevant national or local government should also be observed. Avoid inhalation of solvent vapors or varnish. Skin and eyes must not be exposed to this product. When working in a narrow place or in a place without air circulation, strong ventilation must be provided. Despite good ventilation, protective equipment should be worn. Precautions must be taken to prevent fire and explosion.