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Epoxy non-toxic anti-corrosion coating
Product Detail
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H88 epoxy drying cans primer

1, composition:
The paint is prepared by esterifying an epoxy resin and a vegetable oil with an organic solvent, an auxiliary agent, and adding medicinal zinc oxide by grinding.
2, characteristics and use:
Specially designed for painting the inner wall of canned seafood, poultry, and meat foods with good adhesion and sulfur resistance. ‘
3, technical indicators:
project index
Film color
Viscosity (coating -4 cups) S
Drying time Drying 175°C min ≤
Flexibility mm
Impact strength
Sulfur resistance 1% sodium sulfide reflux h ≥
Grey and white
4, construction reference:
(1) H88 epoxy drying cans primer 175 °C 35 minutes;
(2) The construction of the paint is pre-rolled by a special roller coating machine on the original iron sheet prior to can making;
(3) The baking temperature and time of the anti-sulfur interior coating are as follows:
(A) First clean the tinplate with gasoline or butyl acetate to remove impurities such as oil stains on the surface layer of the tin;
(B) Apply a layer of pre-diluted (35 seconds) anti-sulfur interior coating to the roll and let it stand at room temperature for 10-20 minutes before entering the 175-180 high temperature oven for 35-40 minutes before taking out and cooling. Apply 1-2 coats of varnish to dry and can;
(4) Packing: 20kg or 180kg, pay attention to fire prevention.