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Epoxy non-toxic anti-corrosion coating
Product Detail
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H88 epoxy baking cans

1, composition:
H88 Epoxy Can Drying is formulated by esterification of epoxy resins and vegetable oils and organic solvents.
2, characteristics and use:
Specially designed for painting cans containing acid, fruits, tomatoes, foods, meat, etc. Canned inner wall coatings, non-toxic, with good adhesion and mechanical properties.
3, technical indicators:
Items Indicators
Appearance of paint film
Viscosity (coating a 4 cups) S
Drying time h(160±2°C) drying ≤
Flexibility mm
Impact strength kg·cm
Acid price mg (KOH/g) ≤
Sulfur resistance 3% sodium sulfide reflux 2 hours
Transparent without mechanical impurities
Unchanged film
Note: The acid-resistance model will be cut out of the sample 2 × 4 cm a small piece, on a 3mm round bar, folded into 3% acetic acid solvent, and equipped with a reflux condenser and heated to reflux for 2 hours, the film should be No change, do not take off by hand.
4, construction reference:
Before the construction, the paint is diluted with 20-30% of thinner and can be rolled on a special roller coater once. Then it is baked in the drying room at 170-180°C for 30 minutes. The same applies for the second track, in 185-190. °C bake 30 minutes Serve;
Packing 20kg or 180kg per barrel, pay attention to fire prevention.