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Conductive coating
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H06-7 special anti-corrosion coating for static conductive metal tank

project Instructions
Matching ratio
Aging period
Applicable period
Coating method
Drying time
Surface resistance
Theoretical dosage
Dry film thickness
Recommended coating number
Storage period
Because of epoxy resin, special epoxy softeners, conductive agents, conductive anti-rust pigments, additives, modified amine curing, etc. are refined.
With good static conductivity, the surface resistance is between 106 and 108, so that the electrostatic energy generated during the transportation of the oil can be quickly grounded through the coating. With corrosion, oil, water, acid, alkali, salt and other chemical media corrosion. Long-term resistance to 60-80 °C crude oil and water tank corrosion has a good effect.
Dedicated to electrostatic coating in crude oil storage tanks, oil tanks, and oil pipelines.
Primer: red-brown Topcoat: black, gray, etc.
4:1 or 2:1
23±2°C 0.5 hours
23±2°C 8 hours
Brush, Roll, Airless Spray
Antistatic paint thinner
23±2°C Surface dry ≤1h, hard dry ≤24h
Primer: 200-230 g/m2 Finish: 170-200 g/m2
Primer: 60-70 microns / Road finish: 50-60 microns / Road
Two sides and two sides, the total thickness of the bottom surface is not less than 200 microns
12 months