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Epoxy series anti-corrosion coating
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H06-5 Colored Epoxy Paste Anticorrosive Topcoat (Packing)

Items Explain
Matching ratio
Dilute agent
Ripening time
Applicable period
Painting interval
Theoretical use
Paint film thickness
Dry film time
After the road supporting paint
Storage period
   It is formulated with epoxy resin, lightfast pigments, fillers, dispersant inhibitors, mixed solvents, and hardeners. A, B two-component packaging.
    The paint is a top coat with high corrosion resistance. It can be exposed to the atmosphere for a long time and has good chemical stability, heat resistance, moisture resistance, oil resistance and aging resistance.
It can be used in epoxy zinc-rich primer and epoxy cloud iron primer, but also the first 70-III or 70-T with rust coating, the second epoxy gray primer, as a corrosion-resistant topcoat . Suitable for protecting steel structures.
    White, gray, light green, orange and various colors
    Part A (paint): Part B (curing agent) = 20:5 (weight ratio)
H-type epoxy thinner
23±2°C, 0.5 hours
23±2°C, 8 hours
23±2°C, 1-3 days
260 g/m2
190 micron
120 micron
H06-1 epoxy zinc-rich paint, H06-3 epoxy cloud iron anti-rust primer. 70-T and 70-III with rust coating.
12 months
1. The construction temperature is lower than 5 °C, the curing reaction is slow and should not be used.
2. The interval between the painting of the rear lane and the front lane shall not exceed 24 hours. In order to ensure the adhesion between the layers of the paint film, it is better to perform the second painting when the front lane is dry.