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Epoxy series anti-corrosion coating
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H06-3 epoxy cloud antirust paint (packing) (two paint or intermediate paint)

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Matching ratio
Dilute agent
Ripening time
Applicable period
Painting interval
Theoretical use
Paint film thickness
Dry film time
Former road supporting paint
After the road supporting paint
Storage period
   It is formulated from epoxy resin, flaky micaceous iron oxide, non-leafing aluminum slurry, anti-settling agent, anti-rust additive, solvent and curing agent. A, B two-component packaging.
    A higher shielding coating. Contains a relatively high pigment volume concentration of scaly pigments. After the film is formed, the components of the cloud iron pigment can be arranged in a parallel and overlapping arrangement, resembling a “fish scale” lap structure, and therefore has good heat resistance and corrosion resistance.
    Can be used as anti-corrosion coating primer, also can be used as anti-corrosion coating intermediate paint, and epoxy zinc-rich primer, etc. to use, in order to enhance the sealing between the coating and anti-corrosion properties.
    Gray-brown or red-brown
    Part A (paint): Part B (curing agent) = 20:5 (by weight)
H-type epoxy thinner
23±2°C, 10 minutes
23±2°C, 8 hours
23±2°C, 1-7 days
280 g/m2
200 micron
100 micron
H06-1 epoxy zinc-rich bottom, HWE inorganic zinc silicate primer
Epoxy resin coating, epoxy glass flake coating, epoxy coal tar coating, chlorinated rubber coating, high chlorinated polyphenol ene coating.
12 months
1. When the construction temperature is lower than 5°C, the curing reaction is slow and should not be used。