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Rust coating series
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H epoxy iron with rust anticorrosive primer (packing)

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Dilute agent
Ripening time
Applicable period
Painting method
Painting interval
Theoretical use
Paint film thickness
Drying time
After the road
Storage period
It is made of epoxy resin, iron oxide red and new rust-proof pigment fillers, rust-proof additives, rust agents, mixed solvents, etc., and polyamine composites as curing agents, and A and B components are packaged.
It is a room-temperature curing workshop anti-corrosion primer. It is fast drying and has excellent physical and mechanical properties. It can be used with various types of bottom and top paints and can be painted with rust. Because it does not contain metal zinc and other substances, thus reducing the harm of welding gas to the human body.
Suitable for steel plate, artificial rust removal and rust removal as rust primer, dry film thickness of 25 microns, the effective protection period of the steel plate is about 6 months.
Iron red
Part A (paint): Part B (curing agent) = 20:5 (by weight)
H-type thinner
5 minutes
8 hours
Roll coating, spray coating or shower coating, brush coating
24 hours
120-160 g/m2
23±2°C, dry for 1 hour, hard dry for 24 hours
Epoxy resin coating, chlorosulfonated polyethylene coating, chlorinated rubber coating, alkyd resin coating, high chlorinated polyphenolic coating, polyester, polyurethane coating, etc.
12 months
1. When the construction temperature is lower than 5°C, it should not be used:
2. In the coating line of the steel plate, the paint is coated with H-type thinner and the viscosity is adjusted to about 25 seconds (coating 4 cups);
3. Used with 60 mesh wire mesh.