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ESB long-lasting energy storage luminous coating

Jinling ESB long afterglow energy storage luminescent coating is mainly made of fluorine resin and energy storage luminescent filler, and it is copolymerized with other olefins and additives.
(A), product characteristics:
Jinling ESB long-lasting energy storage type luminous coating is a modern high-tech functional material. This material can absorb and store light energy under visible light such as sunlight or light, and then absorb the energy in the dark place again in the form of visible light. Slowly released, the luminous time lasts for more than 10h.
(B) Usage:
Because of its long afterglow, high brightness, long lighting time, and no radiation, this kind of luminescent coating is widely used. It can be used not only for warning signage for architectural decoration, safe passage in public places, but also for artificial landscapes, decoration of cultural artworks and luminous signs for special occasions. It can also be used as concealed lighting and low-level emergency lighting to give people nightlife and Engineering work brings great convenience and is a new field of paint development.
(C) Construction Notice:
1. The paint is three components, Group A 10kg, Group B 2.5kg, Group C 20kg, 5 minutes after curing, or two components, Group A 10kg, Group B 20kg mixed use.
2. On the pre-coated substrate, after applying a special primer for energy luminescent paint, three coats of luminescent paint and one coat or two coats of lacquer for luminescent paint are applied on the surface.
3. The primary primer or varnish that can be used for coating and luminescent coating can be sprayed, rolled or brushed. The coating can be applied by brush.
4. Need to buy special thinner.
5. Pay attention to ventilation when using, and strictly prohibit smoke.
6. The shelf life of this coating is 12 months.