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High temperature anti-corrosion coating
Product Detail
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Epoxy silicone anti-corrosion paint

First, composition:
     Made of silicone epoxy heat-resisting resin as the main film-forming substance, add temperature-resistant anti-corrosion pigments, mixed solvents, additives, using polyamide tree
The base and topcoat formulated as a hardener are two-component packaging.
Second, performance:
     Long-term heat resistance 200°C, excellent heat and corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance, salt water resistance, resistance to various chemical atmospheres
Such as, room temperature curing, fast drying, bottom, topcoat supporting good adhesion, excellent physical and mechanical properties of the coating.
Third, use:
     Suitable for metallurgy, chemical, petroleum, electromechanical, mechanical and other industries, metal surface heat and corrosion, in the blast furnace hot air furnace inside and outside wall, smoke
Roads, exhaust pipes, heating furnaces, heat exchangers, and other high-temperature surfaces of metals are widely used and have significant results.
Fourth, performance indicators:
No Items Indicators
1 Appearance of paint film Various colors, smooth and smooth paint film
2 Viscosity (coating -4 cups)  S    ≥ 35
3 Drying time h Dry  ≤ 2
Hard work  ≤ 24
4 Adhesion level    ≤ 2
5 Flexibility      mm   ≤ 3
6 kImpact strength kg·cm 50
7 Heat resistance °C 200
8 Acid resistance(5%H2S04)   h 72hNo blistering, no shedding
9 Alkali resistance(5%Na0H)   h 72hNo blistering, no shedding
10 Salt tolerance(3%NaCL)   h 72hNo blistering, no shedding
Fifth, surface treatment:
     Before the construction, the metal surface needs to be cleaned to remove surface rust, oxide scale, oil and other debris or mechanical rust removal up to St2 level.
If squeezing treatment up to Sa2.5 level, the effect is better.
Six, packaging and ratio:
     Bottom and topcoat two component packaging, Group A: paint 20kg, Group B: curing agent 5kg, 4 to 1 (by weight)
Mix well for 20 minutes before use.
Seven, the recommended number of coating channels: a primer, topcoat two to three, the dry film thickness is about 100um, depending on the coating thickness
Need to decide.
VIII, storage period: stored in a ventilated and dry room for one year.
Nine, safety precautions:
(1) The paint should be placed in a ventilated and dry place away from the fire to avoid direct sunlight.
(2) No open flame is allowed on the construction site.
(3) In the construction of enclosed places, ventilation must be emphasized. Painters and constructors should wear protective equipment to avoid poisoning.
(4) Before the paint film is completely dry or the paint film is solidified, protective measures should be taken to avoid rain shower or trample.