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ZH04 floor coating
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Product Detail
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1, product description
Jinling brand epoxy sealer is a two-component varnish made of epoxy resin. It has the characteristics of low viscosity, good permeability to porous surface and strong adhesion.
2, design use
Used to seal the surface of fully cured concrete. Surface cleaning is required to apply the product, and the amount of coating is subject to the saturation of the surface.
3, physical parameters
No. Items Indicators
1 Paint surface Pingguang
2 colour Transparent
3 Volume solids About 30%
4 Theoretical coating rate See note
5 Flash point 25℃
6 Weight About 0.9 kg/l
7 Touch dry 2 hours (20°C)
8 Fully cured 7 days (20°C)
4,Construction instructions
Items Instructions
The mixing ratio Base material: curing agent = 4:1
Construction method Airless spray Brush
Dilute agent Special thinner Special thinner
The largest amount of use 50% 50%
Mixed use time 8 hours (20°C)
Spray hole O.017—0.021”
Spray pressure 75-100 kg/cm2 (Airless spray data is for reference only, it can be adjusted when it is practical)
Tool cleaning Special thinner
Film thickness (see note)
Recoating Minimum: 4 hours (20°C) Maximum: unlimited (see notes)
Surface treatment Use Jinling brand cleaners, sand blasting or flame volatility cleaning methods to remove surface oils and other contaminants. The procedure for using the cleaning agent is to first wet the concrete surface with fresh water, then wash the surface with a cleaning agent, and finally rinse with fresh water.
Note Oils that have penetrated deep into the concrete are extremely difficult to remove, which may cause the paint film to fall off. It is required to use a power tool to treat the surface or to flush the surface with sandblasting and high pressure fresh water to make the surface rough and hard without contaminants. If it cannot be treated by these methods, the surface can be washed with Jinling brand detergent, and then neutralized with Jinling brand detergent for three to four minutes, and finally rinsed with fresh water. The treated surface should have a pH of 6.8-8.0, a rough surface, a flat, uniform, dry, and no loose layer. The above requirements must all be achieved. The treated surface must also be dried in a well-ventilated environment with a relative humidity of less than 65% and a temperature of 20°C for two days. The surface of the concrete can be painted with a knife before applying the paint. Strong enough to meet the requirements.
Construction Conditions Concrete must be completely cured and dried before construction. Normally, it takes 28 days to fully cure the silicate concrete. The standard for drying is that the surface moisture content is less than 4%. To keep it dry, the concrete structure must also isolate the groundwater and avoid capillary action to wet the surface. The temperature during construction and curing should be above 10°C to ensure that these two processes can be performed normally. The construction surface must also be free of grease, dust, and other contaminants. There should be adequate ventilation during construction and drying in confined areas.
Add paint Apply as required.
5, note
According to the concrete surface roughness and other construction methods, the coating rate is also different, about 15 meters 2 / liters. After coating with this product, the surface cannot be shiny in any case. If it is shiny, it can be coated by rubbing off with sandpaper.
6, note
This product is for professional use only
7, security
The safety regulations of the relevant national and local governments must be observed and the safety notes on the packaging labels must be observed. The workshop shall be equipped with ventilation facilities. Protective masks shall be worn during construction to avoid inhalation of solvent vapors and to avoid contact with important parts such as the skin and eyes of the human body. Precautions must be taken to prevent fire and explosion.
8, note
The relevant data of this manual is obtained under standard conditions. When it is actually used, the environmental conditions may be slightly different from the above. If any of the above data is changed, the latest manual of the company shall prevail, without prior notice.