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ZH04 floor coating
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Product Detail
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Epoxy floor finish

1, product description
Jinling Epoxy Floor Topcoat is a two-component epoxy coating. The film is tough, wear-resistant and crash-resistant. It is not only resistant to seawater and fresh water, but also resistant to gasoline, fuel oil, diesel, lubricating oil, engine oil and other similar substances. However, it has limited endurance to strong acids, strong bases, strong oxidants, and strong solvents.
2, design use
This product is used to coat the concrete floor of factories such as chemical plants, pulp mills, paper mills, pharmaceutical factories, and petrochemical companies, and other concrete surfaces that need protection as epoxy floor finishes.
3, physical parameters
No. Items Indicators
1 Paint surface bright
2 colour Optional on the color card
3 Volume solids About 55%
4 Theoretical coating rate 4m2/l (dry film 140um meter)
5 Flash point 26℃
6 Weight About 1.5 kg/l
7 Touch the finger 6-8 hours (20°C)
8 Fully cured 7 days (20°C)
4,Construction instructions
Items Explain
The mixing ratio Base material: curing agent = 25:4.5 (mass ratio)
Construction method Airless spray Brush
Dilute agent Special thinner Special thinner
The largest amount of use 5% 5%
Mixed use time 5 hours (20°C) 8 hours (20°C)
Spray hole 0.018—0.021”
Spray pressure 250Kg/m2 (airless spray data is for reference only, it can be adjusted when practical)
Tool cleaning Special thinner
Film Thickness Wet film: 250 microns Dry film: 140 microns.    
Recoating Generally do not need to apply
Construction Conditions The construction surface should be clean and dry. The surface temperature should be higher than the dew point to avoid condensation. The use of curing agent for summer use at a temperature of 10° C. or more allows the application and curing to proceed normally, and is preferably 15° C. or more. When using winter curing agents, the temperature is required to be above 10°C. The working surface temperature must also exceed this limit. It should be noted that freezing or any temperature below it will freeze the surface and affect the adhesion of the paint film. The temperature of the paint itself should be higher than 15°C to ensure normal construction performance. During the construction and drying of narrow spaces, ventilation should be extensive.
Paint first Jinling epoxy floor intermediate paint.
Add paint No need to apply
Items Instructions
Film thickness The film thickness can be modified according to the purpose and location of use. The normal film thickness per degree is in the range of 100-150 microns, but this will change the coating rate and affect the drying time and recoating interval accordingly.
Recoating interval When the film is exposed to immersion, re-exposure, large temperature differences, chemical attack, or abrasion during use, recoating at the following intervals gives the best results. The recoating interval is related to the subsequent exposure conditions (dry film thickness is 100um)
surface temperature 20℃ 10℃
Hardener Summer curing agent Winter curing agent
Recoating interval Minimal maximum Minimal maximum
Atmospheric Environment medium serious medium serious medium serious medium serious
Polyurethane paint 12h 16h 36h* 36h 12h 16h 6 days 6 days
Epoxy series 12h 16h no 30days* 12h 16h no 60days
* If repainting the paint film is only exposed to direct sunlight for a short period of time, the maximum recoating interval can be extended. Under other conditions, this product is coated with Jinling brand epoxy paint series and polyurethane paint series without maximum recoating interval. If the surface is contaminated, rinse it thoroughly with high pressure fresh water before recoating and allow it to dry. If the maximum recoating interval is exceeded, the rough surface must be ground to ensure adhesion of the paint film. Must be fully cured before the paint can be put into use.