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Cooling tower special anti-corrosion coating

Composition One-component or two-component moisture curable anti-corrosion coating consisting of cyanogen prepolymers, additives, catalysts, thinners, pigments, etc.
Performance The cyanogen prepolymer belongs to aromatic polyurethane and has excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance and radiation resistance. The coating film has good physical and mechanical properties, high strength, wear resistance and luster, excellent anti-corrosion property, and oil resistance and resistance of the coating film. Acid, alkali, chemical and industrial exhaust.
Uses It is mainly used for anticorrosion of concrete surface pools, cooling towers, chemical equipments, pipe edges, oil tanks, sluice gates, dams, wharfs, mines and other facilities or equipment.
colour Light brown (or various colors)
Viscosity (coating a 4 cup) S 60
Theoretical usage 100—170g/m2
Dry film thickness 75 um
Film drying time Table dry: 2h Hard dry: 12h Fully cured: 7d
Painting interval temperature 15℃ 25℃ 35℃
Shortest 2.5h 2h 1.5h
longest 18h 12h 8h
Color paint fillers and
Curing agent ratio
One-component: 20kg/barrel, two-component: Group A pigment filler 20kg/barrel, Group B curing agent 5kg or lOkg, ie 4:1, or 2:1
Coating method Brush coating, spray coating
Coating number Single coating and special site patching method: one cloth with two oils or one cloth with three oils
Dilute agent Special thinner
Storage period 12 months