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Cool plastic insulation paint
Product Detail
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Cool plastic insulation paint

(A), product characteristics:
Cool insulation paint is a new type of insulation material, using the form of a coating layer to achieve the effect of heat insulation and cooling. Liquefied gas tanks, oil tankers, oil storage tanks, and various types of chemical raw material tanks in high-temperature environments in summer can reduce the energy consumption required for the original cooling measures (such as using spray devices to make tanks under high-temperature conditions in summer Keep a certain lower temperature) and improve the environment. The product is mainly used in the film of the special components, such as insulation materials, brighteners, polymer resins. The sun heat and other heat insulation, reflection, in order to achieve the insulation effect, so that the surface and the interior there is a significant temperature difference, reduce the temperature, heat insulation effect is good, while the metal surface, appearance with a good anti-corrosion effect.
(B) Product composition, quality indicators:
Cool insulation paint consists of macromolecule synthetic resin, heat insulation material, glass beads, pigments, fillers, additives (excluding lead and other heavy metal elements).
Quality Index:
project index
Appearance of paint film Mainly white, smooth coating
Drying time h
Dry  ≤ 3
Hard work ≤ 24
Theoretical dosage g/m2 135
Wet film thickness (um) 100
Dry film thickness (um) 30
Number of coating channels (tracks) (recommended) 3-5
Storage period Month (room temperature) 8
(C) Product application scope:
(1) Cool and cool insulating paint, coating on the outer layer of metal cans and tanks, such as oil tankers, oil tanks, liquefied balloon cans, chemical raw material tanks,
Chemical pipeline equipment, refrigerated trucks, etc. play the role of insulation and cooling.
(2) Coating on the outside of buildings such as concrete, such as residential, factory buildings, cold storage, modern farms, guard posts, etc.
(3) It is applied to the components of the wood products and functions as a heat insulation and cooling effect.
(D) Cooling and heat-insulating paints use supporting plans:
The cool heat insulation paint is matched with primer, intermediate paint and top coat.
Variety Paint name Packing specifications Number of ways Dry film thickness Theoretical dosage
Primer Cool insulation primer Two-component 20:5 2 70um 300g/m2
Intermediate paint Cool and insulating middle paint Two-component 20:5 1 35um 150g/m2
Topcoat Cool and heat insulating finish One-component or two-component 20:5 3 90um 300g/m2
(1) The cool and heat-insulating primer replaces the traditional reddan anticorrosive paint, and rust inhibitors, anti-rust materials and heat insulation fillers are added to the primer.
(2) The cool and heat insulating medium paint has a good adhesion of the bottom and the surface and enhances the antiseptic effect.
(3) The cool and heat-insulating topcoat is applied on the surface layer to provide heat insulation, anti-corrosion, and reflection. It can replace spray and have high-performance anti-corrosion effect.
(E) Cool and cold insulation paint construction process:
(1) Steel components and non-metal surfaces are treated without rust, oil, dust, etc. and can be painted.
(2) brush, spray, roll coating method.
(3) It must be removed from the old equipment, and old paint, rust, dust, oil, etc. that have fallen loose must be removed. Use a grinder or wire brush.
Grinding sandpaper, intact old paint can be retained for painting.
(4) For severely corroded steel surfaces, a 70-T rust paint or 88-l degreasing and rust removing phosphatizing solution can be applied. After 24 hours of drying, the coating is performed.
(5) The interval between paintings shall be 24 hours after the primer is applied, followed by a middle coat and a top coat. Each paint interval can be 24 hours.
(6) Prevent raining during construction and dew on the surface. Stored in a fireproof, ventilated, ventilated, dry place.