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Alkyd resin coating
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Product Detail
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C61-F1 alcohol alcohol heat-resistant paint (packing)

colour :Silver
Composition:From alkyd resin, aluminum paste, driers, solvents, etc. A, B two sets of packaging.
Performance:Has all the characteristics of general alkyd paint, and heat resistance up to 200 °C.
Uses:Used in metallurgy, machinery, heating industry need to heat, corrosion, decoration of the steel surface.
Weight:About 1.13
Theoretical use:100 g/m2
Wet film thickness:75 micron
Dry film thickness:30 micron
Matching ratio:Part A: Part B = 4:1
Ripening time:Mixed to use
Applicable period :It is better to use up within 12 hours after opening
Painting method:High pressure airless spray, brush, roller
Diluent and dosage:P type alkyd paint thinner ‹ 5%
Drying time: 25°C: dry for 4 hours, dry for 24 hours
Painting time:Above 25°C: 20 hours minimum
Recommended coating number:High pressure airless paint 2 coats, dry film up to 60 microns
Front coat:HW inorganic zinc-rich primer, but also without primer.
Storage period:12 months