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Alkyd resin coating
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C60-F11 Alkyd Intumescent Fireproof Paint

colour :White
Composition:New inorganic polymers are flame retardants, foaming agents, titanium dioxide and synthetic resins.
Performance:Non-inflammable, non-explosive, non-toxic, non-polluting, fast construction, outstanding fire performance, weather resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, and decorative effect.
Uses:Fire protection of wooden structures and steel structures.
Weight:About 1.12
Theoretical use:250 g/m2
Wet film thickness:  230 micron
Dry film thickness:110 micron
Matching ratio:Single can
Ripening time:Open to use
Applicable period:It is better to use up within 12 hours after opening 
Painting method:High pressure airless spray, brush, roller
Diluent and dosage: P type alkyd paint thinner
Drying time: 25°C: dry 1 hour, hard dry 24 hours
Painting time:25°C: 24 hours minimum
Recommended coating number:Prolonged time of 0.5 hours: high pressure airless spray 3, dry film thickness of 340 microns; prolonged burning time of 1 hour or more: high pressure airless spray 4 channels, dry film thickness of 450 microns.
Front coat:For steel plate: HW inorganic zinc-rich primer for wood: alkyd fireproof putty.
Storage period:12 months