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Fireproof coating
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BSC-GT ultra-thin steel fireproof coating (NCB)

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composition The coating is made of inorganic and organic composite resin as a binder and is mixed with various components such as aluminum silicate, flame retardant, fiber and other solvents, additives, and the like, and is mixed with mechanical stirring. It is a universal ultra-thin fireproof coating.
use Widely used in various types of indoor and outdoor metal and non-metallic surfaces and plastic, wire and cable fire protection, anti-corrosion coating protection。
Fire protection The paint is applied on the surface of the object, and it is an ordinary paint film at room temperature. It can expand and thicken and charring in the event of flooding to form a low thermal conductivity, non-flammable sponge carbonaceous layer, so that the surface of the object is protected from high temperature flame damage.
Performance characteristics 1. Fire Limit: Fire resistance test according to GB14907-2002 standard (I36b or I40b standard two-word bridge as base material)
project index Testing in accordance with
Fire resistance Coating thickness (not more than)mm 2.00±0.2 1.80 GB14907-2002
Fire resistance (not less than)h 2.0 2.00
2.Physical and chemical indicators
No project index
1 The status in the container After stirring, the fluid state has no agglomeration
Drying time h≤ Dry 2
Hard work 24
3 Appearance and color After the coating is dried, the appearance and color should not be significantly different from the sample.
4 Initial dry crack resistance No cracks should appear
5 Bond strength Mpa≥ 0.2
6 Freeze-thaw cycles ≥ 15 The coating should be no cracking, shedding, blistering。
  7 Water resistance  ≥h 24 No layer rise, foaming, shedding phenomenon
Construction requirements 1. Construction temperature -10°C to 40°C. One-component: Stir well and paint.
2. Spray the surface of the object cleanly and directly to achieve a thickness of 0.3-0.5mm per lane. Manual brushing should increase the number of brushing lanes. About 8 hours later, apply the second or third pass to reach the thickness and thickness.
3. Dosage: 1.5mm thick coating, theoretical consumption 1.8-2kg/m2, fire resistance level 1 hour, brushing 6-8 channels; 2-2.2mm thick coating, theoretical consumption 2.5-3kg/m2, fire rating 2 hours, brushing 10 or more;
4. After being mixed with paint and fireproof filler 1:1, it can be used as a fireproof plugging material; after being mixed with paint and fireproof filler 1:3, it can be made into fireproof mud.
Storage and transportation It should be stored and transported in a dry and ventilated room at 5°C-35°C. This coating is a solvent type and should be kept away from fire.