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Fireproof coating
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BSC-GT cable fireproof coating

Items Explain
Composition The coating uses inorganic and organic composite resins as adhesives, together with aluminum silicate, flame retardant, fiber and other solvents, additives and other component raw materials, and uses a variety of new flame retardant composite new fire protection coating . Single-component packaging, convenient construction, fast drying, superior flame-retardant performance, and its comprehensive index is ahead of similar products。
Application range Can be widely used in metallurgy, chemical, power and other industries of wire and cable fire protection coating. Fire-retardant and flame-retardant in the event of a fire, insults in the expansion and misuse of insulation to win the fire.
Fire protection basics BSC-GT fire retardant coating is an intumescent fire retardant coating. The coating will soften the bubble expansion when it is in contact with fire, resulting in carbonized foam. The foam contains low thermal conductivity substances, which can protect the material from damage due to high temperature. The paint has significant flame retardant effect.。
Technical performance
(GA 181-1998)
Items Technical indicators
The status in the container After stirring, it is in a uniform state
Fineness  um ≤90
Viscosity  S ≥70
Drying time h Dry:≤5    Hard work:≤2
Oil resistance  d After soaking for 7 days, the coating did not wrinkle or peel off. The foaming could recover substantially under standard environmental conditions for 24 hours, allowing for slight discoloration.
Salt corrosion resistance  d After soaking for 3 days, the coating did not wrinkle or peel off, and blisters could recover at 24 h under standard environmental conditions, allowing for slight loss of light.
Hot and humid resistance  d After 7 days of testing, the coating was free of blisters and shedding, allowing slight light loss.
Freeze-thaw cycle resistance After 15 cycles, the coating did not blister or fall off, allowing the occurrence of 2 or less cracks.
Flexibility The coating does not form a layer and does not fall off, allowing up to 8 cracks to appear.
Fire resistance   m Carbonization height≤2.5
Consumption To make the object to be fired, the coating requirements must be met:
1. Use on flammable substrates, not less than 1Kg per square meter, to ensure that the above amount, to ensure that the flame resistance time is more than 30 minutes, to meet the first-class requirements, generally coated three times, each interval of about 4 hours.
2. Brush the surface of the power cable to ensure that the BSC-GT coating thickness is not less than 1mm.
3. With 1:1 of paint and fire filler, can be made of fire blocking material; with 1:3 paint and fire filler, can be made of fire mud.
Construction requirements 1. Construction method: Hand brushing with row brush and flat brush, sprayer can also be used for spraying. The number of brush strokes must be increased to reach the thickness.
2. Preparation for construction: Remove dirt and oil on the surface of the substrate. If it is spraying, it is also necessary to cover the parts that do not need to be sprayed. The paint must be thoroughly mixed before construction, and if necessary, a suitable amount of thinner can be added.
3. Construction Environment: It is required to work in an environment with a temperature of 5-40°C and a relative humidity of 90% or less.
4. Precautions: The paint must not be mixed with other paints and paints so as not to affect its fireproof effect. It should be constructed under dry and ventilated conditions.
Storage The paint should be stored at 5-40 °C, pay attention to the fire。