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BGJ-0X special anti-corrosion coating for construction machinery

(A), use and performance
The special anti-corrosion coating for construction machinery is mainly used for various construction machinery, special engineering vehicles, heavy machinery, mining machinery, construction machinery and other vehicle primers, middle paints, various special top coats and supporting thinners. The paint is dry at room temperature, bright colors, hard and full coating film, good adhesion, strong acid resistance, color retention, gloss retention performance is very prominent, is one of the preferred coatings for all types of construction machinery.
(B) Main varieties of special anti-corrosion coatings for construction machinery (type I: single-component; type II: two-component)
Items Explain
Variety Primer Intermediate paint Topcoat
colour Iron red Various colors (according to customer requirements) Various colors (according to customer requirements)
Light no 20-50% (according to customer requirements) 50-80% (according to customer requirements)
Drying time Surface dry: 2 hours, hard work: 24 hours (25°C)
Hardness ≥0.5
Impact strength 50kg·cm
Flexibility 1mm
Attached Level 1
Salt water resistance ≥48h (5% NaCl solution)
Storage period   1 year
Matching ratio   Type I: single component; type II: Part A: Part B = 4:1
Dilute agent   Special thinner
Theoretical use 90-180 g/m2 (25-40 micron)
Mature period   Type I: Unlimited; Type II: 20 minutes
Applicable period   Type I: Unlimited; Type II: 4-8 hours
Painting method High pressure airless spray Air spray Hand brushing, roller coating
Spray hole 0.4-0.5mm 2.0-2.5mm no
Spray pressure 15-20Mpa 0.3-0.4Mpa no
Tool cleaning Special cleaning agent
Painting interval     temperature(℃)       0      15        25
    Shortest(h)      24      12        8
    longest(h)      72      48        36
Surface treatment Before the construction, the surface to be coated must be strictly treated so that the surface is free of rust, oil, and sandblasting on the surface of the steel material. Sa2.5 in accordance with the Standards for Corrosion Levels and Derusting of the Steel Surface before Painting. Use manual mechanical derusting to achieve St3. Welds on the surface of the steel should be free of welds, horns, smooth, burrs. The rust-removed steel surface should be coated with a primer within 24 hours in order to avoid secondary rust.
Construction Conditions The best construction conditions for the coating are temperature 0-35°C, relative humidity ≤85%, substrate temperature 3°C above the dew point, and no construction under conditions of rain, fog, snow, and large dust.
Package specifications Type I: 20kg/barrel; Type II: 25kg/pack