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Gas cabinet special anti-corrosion coating
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88-GAE Gas Tank Special Anticorrosion Intermediate Paint (Gray)

(1) Introduction
ZH88-GAE, 88-GAE special anti-corrosion coating for gas cabinets is based on polyester modified resin, high chlorinated resin, rubber, bisphenol A and other materials as the main film-forming substance, adding anti-rust pigments, fillers, accelerators, Leveling agent and other processing reactions made. The paint is a novel anti-corrosion coating for gas cabinets. It is divided into single components and two components, which overcomes the unshaped coatings in the society. The construction is simple and the storage period can reach 8 months to more than one year.
  Iron and steel companies and chemical companies produce a large number of coke oven gas and blast furnace gas by-products during the production process. It is not only the heating energy source in the steel production process, but also one of the quality fuels that people must have in their lives. In order to store coal gas and save energy, iron and steel enterprises and city gas supply departments have developed rapidly in recent years in the construction of gas cabinets, and they have also attached great importance to the preservation of gas cabinets. The investment in gas cabinet construction is huge. If the gas cabinet is damaged due to corrosion, it will cause major personal and production safety accidents. The frequent use of the cabinet will result in great losses. The use of high-quality anti-corrosion materials is of great significance.
  At present, a large number of gas cabinets are built with wet gas cabinets. Since the bottom of the wet gas cabinet is a water tank, water seals are provided between the gas cabinet towers. The bell jars and towers are often raised and immersed in water to alternate between wet and dry. The content of hydrogen sulphide in coke oven gas is relatively high, and all of them are gas with saturated moisture. Epoxy asphalt paint, conventional paint and perchloroethylene can not meet the special anti-corrosion requirements of gas cabinets. ZH88-GAE, 88-GAE two kinds of gas tank special anti-corrosion coating, with its excellent resistance to hydrogen sulfide corrosion, water, chemical gas, anti-aging and a series of comprehensive performance.
(2), performance and features:
   This product has excellent resistance to ozone, weather aging, excellent resistance to hydrogen sulfide, acid, alkali, salt, light corrosion resistance and other properties, have good water resistance, cold resistance, moisture resistance, heat resistance. The paint film dries quickly, has strong adhesion, flexibility, and good sealing. Coating series matching
ZH88-GAE two-component, 88-GAE one-component, easy construction.
(3) Main technical indicators:
No. project index ZH88-GAE
Primer Intermediate paint Topcoat
1 Exterior Iron red gray Flat light Various colors
2 Viscosity (Coating 4 cups) S    ≥ 50 50 60 50
3 Flexibility  mm    ≤ 3 3 3 1
4 Impact strength 50 50 50 50
5 Adhesion level   ≤ 2 2 2 2
6 Drying time h Dry  ≤ 0.5 0.5 0.5 1
Hard work  ≤ 24 24 24 24
7 Resistant to 5% sulfuric acid solution 96h No blistering, no rust, no shedding
8 Resistant to 5% sulfurous acid solution 96h
9 Alternating wet and dry
10 Cold resistance
11 Resistant to hydrogen sulfide gas corrosion
Storage period     12 months
(4), product use methods and construction precautions:
1. Packaging ZH88 GAE for the two-component, A group 20kg, B group 20kg, 10kg, 5kg (including the bottom, middle, surface), 88-GAE single component, 20kg per barrel, stir well enough to use when you brush.
2. Surface treatment of new gas cabinet steel plate, surface treatment requirements according to rust standard up to st2 level (manual rust removal). Require thoroughly
Use a spatula, a spatula, a brush with a wire brush and a grinding wheel, or rub it with iron sandpaper once (Brapping is better).
3. For gas cabinet maintenance, the use of old paint is an economical approach. However, it is necessary to remove the old loose patent leather and use it first.
The factory's 70-III paint with rust (iron red), first hit a bottom, instead of the primer, and then painted in the topcoat.
4. Brushing requirements:
(1) The paint can be sprayed, brushed or rolled;
(2) The outer wall of the gas cabinet is painted with two primers, one in the middle layer and two in the surface; two primers in the inner wall, two in the middle paint, and two in the topcoat. Paint film
Thickness of five, more than 150um.
(3) The paint is quick drying and convenient to construct. It can be painted at intervals of 4 hours.
(4) Dilution of paint should be made of special thinner. ZH88-GAE thinner is ZH type and 88-GAE type is GA type.
(5) The paint storage period is 12 months. Store in a dry, cool, ventilated place.