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88-E series glass phosphorus anti-corrosion paint
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88-E series glass phosphorus anti-corrosion paint

(A), features:
1. Glass phosphorus anti-corrosion paint is made of epoxy, high chlorinated, polyester resin, glass phosphor, curing agent, additives, fillers, solvents and other raw materials.
2. The paint contains glass phosphor and various materials. After brushing, it is evenly distributed in varnish like scales. The surface of the paint film is smooth, hard and wear-resistant.
3. With good sealing and anti-permeability, thousands of layers of watts are evenly distributed in the paint film, which promotes the paint film to resist corrosion, temperature resistance, humidity resistance and light resistance. It is an ideal new surface anticorrosion material.
(B), the main technical indicators:
No. project index
1 Film color Various colors
2 Appearance of paint film Flat, hard, smooth and glossy
3 Viscosity (coating a 4 cup) S 28-45
Drying time
25℃  h
Dry  ≤ 0.4
Hard work  ≤ 24
5 Covering power  g/m2       ≤ 120
6 Impact strength    ≥ 30
7 Adhesion (level)       ≤ 2
8 Flexibility mm         ≤ 3
9 Heat resistance 150℃  20d No blistering, no shedding.
10 Salt water resistance 3%96h
11 Gasoline resistance 90 petrol 20d
12 Paint storage time year 1
(C) Construction Requirements and Precautions
1. Can be used with 70-T or 70-III rust paint as surface layer anti-corrosion coating.
2. Before painting, paint shall be fully mixed and brushed. In case of high temperature and high coating viscosity, appropriate amount of thinner may be added.
3. The color of the paint can be selected according to the user's needs.
4. There are two kinds of two-component and one-component, two-component 2:1,4:1, A component 20kg, B component 10kg, 5kg.
5. Phosphorous tablets can also be added when used, according to the proportion and can be.