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Epoxy non-toxic anti-corrosion coating
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8710 epoxy non-toxic anti-corrosion coating

1, composition:
8710 epoxy non-toxic anti-corrosion coating is prepared by esterifying polymerization of epoxy resin and vegetable oil, using organic solvents, additives, medicinal zinc oxide, and extender pigments and curing agents. It is a two-component packaging and is used for 4:1. .
2, characteristics and use:
The paint has the characteristics of non-toxic and non-pollution, and is a paint with good anti-corrosion performance. Can be long-term exposure and soaked in water, the film is hard and durable, good adhesion, good chemical stability, moisture resistance, oil resistance and aging resistance. It is widely applied to anti-corrosion of internal and external anti-corrosion, municipal engineering, urban construction and other steel structures and equipment in water supply pipelines.
3, technical indicators:
No. project index
1 Film color and appearance Various colors
2          Viscosity (coating -4 cups)s       ≥ 35
3      Fineness           um           ≤ 60
4 Drying time(23℃±2)h Dry    ≤ 2
Hard work  ≤
5 hardness                          ≥ 24
6 Flexibility   mm 0.4
7 Impact strength 1
8 Adhesion level      ≤ 50
9 Salt water resistance  10%NaCL  70h 2
10 Resistant to 5% HCL  5%NaOH  72h No blistering, no shedding
4, construction reference:
(1) Thoroughly remove surface rust, oil impurities, etc. before construction, mix the components of Part A and Part B, and mature them for about 20 minutes before use.
(2) When the temperature is lower than 5°C in the winter, the curing reaction is slow and construction is not suitable.
(3) If the paint is too thick, add a special diluent for dilution.
(4) Attention to fire, should be stored in a cool place