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Polyurethane anticorrosion coating
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190l colored polyurethane anti-corrosion finish

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composition Two-component topcoat formulated from hydroxyl-containing resins, hardeners, pigments, fillers, thickeners, additives, solvents, etc.。
Performance The coating has good abrasion resistance, toughness, full color, bright color, oil resistance, benzene-based solvent resistance, water resistance, seawater resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, salt corrosion, chemical atmosphere, and good weather resistance.
use Applicable to the surface of steel structure for anti-corrosion paint, also applies to wood and cement products, ship machine tools, electrical appliances and other surfaces for protection and decorative finish.
colour Various colors
Drying time Surface dry: 2 hours, hard work: 24 hours Complete cure: 7 days (25°C)
Painting method Brushing, spraying
Construction viscosity Brush for 25-40 seconds and spray for 20-25 seconds (coating a 4 cup at 25°C)
Theoretical use Brush 90-100 g/m2, spray 140-160 g/m2
Coating thickness 25-30 microns/channel
Matching ratio Part A: Part B = l:1 or 2:1 or 4:l
Painting interval temperature(℃) 0 15 25
Shortest(h) 12 8 4
longest(h) 48 24 16
Dilute agent Polyurethane thinner
Aging period 20 minutes
Applicable period 4-8 hours
Storage period 1 year