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Polyurethane anticorrosion coating
Product Detail
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1901 Polyurethane modified interpenetrating network anti-corrosion coating

(1) Composition:
The paint consists of polyurethane resin, macromolecule epoxy resin and amino resin combined with colored pigments, and is composed of A and B components. It is a high-grade rust-proof and anti-corrosion coating.
(2), characteristics and uses:
This product has a good gloss, high hardness, color retention, good light retention, resistance to certain characteristics of acid and alkali and heat. The wide range is suitable for decorative protection paints such as steel surface and non-metal surfaces.
(3) Technical Specifications:
Items Indicators
1. Appearance of paint film
2. Viscosity (coating a 4 viscosity cup) S ≥
3. Fineness um ≤
4. When drying: h dry table ≤
   Hard work ≤
5. Hardness (after 7 days) ≥
6. Gloss (%) ≥
7. Adhesion (level) ≤
8. Impact strength kg. Cm
The film is smooth and conforms to the standard pattern color difference range
(4) Construction Reference:
  1. The ratio of this product to Group A and Group B is 2 to 1 or 4 to 1 and is mixed and aged for 15 minutes before use.
  2. If paint is too thick with cyclohexanone: xylene = 2:1 mixed solvent or special diluent for our factory, avoid diluting with alcohol solvent and aromatic hydrocarbon solvent alone.
  3. The surface of the construction needs to be rust-removed, cleaned and painted.
  4. Pack 20 kg of each component and 10 kg or 5 kg of component B. Take care to prevent fire.
   5. Shelf life is 12 months.