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Polyurethane anticorrosion coating
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1901 Polyurethane cloud iron intermediate paint (packing)

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composition It is a two-component cloud-iron intermediate paint made of hydroxyl resin, polyisocyanate polymer, micaceous iron oxide, pigment filler, thickener, catalyst, auxiliary agent and solvent.
Performance The coating has the advantages of film thickness, good shielding and rust resistance, fast drying, oil resistance, etc., and has good interlayer connectivity with the underside paint.
use Suitable for intermediate coating of anti-corrosion layer.
colour Brown
Drying time Surface dry: 2 hours, hard dry: 24 hours, fully cured: 7 days (25°C)
Painting method Brushing, spraying
Construction viscosity Brush for 50-70 seconds, spray 40-50 seconds. (Coated a cup of 23 °C)
Theoretical use Brushing 140-160 g/m2, spraying 160-180 g/m2
Matching ratio Part A: Part B = 4:1
Painting interval temperature(℃) 0 15 25
Shortest(h) 10 8 6
longest(h) 48 24 12
Dilute agent Polyurethane thinner
Aging period 20 minutes
Applicable period 4-8 hours
Storage period 1 year