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Polyurethane anticorrosion coating
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1900 polyurethane red iron primer (packing)

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composition Two-component rust-preventing primer formulated from hydroxyl-containing resin, polyisocyanate polymer, anti-rust pigment, pigment filler, solvent, etc.。
Performance The paint film has excellent anti-rust properties and adhesion, it also has fast drying, oil resistance and other characteristics。
use Can be used for oil tank, oil tank and steel structure, anti-rust primer for aluminum alloy surface, can also be used for cement wall surface rendering, anti-corrosion coating
colour Iron red
Drying time Surface dry: 2 hours, hard work: 24 hours Complete cure: 7 days (25°C)
Painting method Brushing, spraying
Construction viscosity Brush for 30-40 seconds and spray for 25-30 seconds. (Coated -4 cups 23°C)
Theoretical use Brush 150-170 g/m2, spray 130-150 g/m2
Matching ratio Part A: Part B = 4:1
Painting interval temperature(℃) 0 15 25
Shortest(h) 12 8 4
longest(h) 72 48 36
Dilute agent Polyurethane thinner
Aging period 20 minutes
Applicable period 4-8 hours
Storage period 1 year