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Conductive coating
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1900 polyurethane conductive paint (packing)

project Instructions
Composition Two-component conductive oil-resistant topcoat formulated from hydroxyl-containing resins, polyisocyanate polymers, pigment fillers, conductive agents, auxiliaries, solvents, etc.
Performance The film is resistant to crude oil 95#/130# aviation kerosene, 40# oil, 120# gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil and other petroleum products, has no effect on oil quality (gel quality ≤ 7mg/lOOml) and has excellent corrosion resistance , physical and mechanical properties and decorative.
Uses It can be used as the protective and antistatic coating on the inner and outer surfaces of the oil tank, oil tank and oil tank.
colour Black, gray, white
Drying time Table dry: 2 hours, hard work: 10 hours full cure: 7 days (25°C)
Coating method Brushing, spraying
Construction viscosity Brush for 25-40 seconds (coating a 4 cup at 25°C)
Conductive index Pv<105Ω,Ps<109Ω
Theoretical use 90 to 100 g/m2  
Thickness of coating 25-30 microns/channel
Matching ratio Part A: Part B = 1:1 or 2:1 or 4:l
Painting interval Temperature (°C) 0 25 25
Shortest (h) 12 8 4
The longest (h) 48 24 16
Dilute agent Polyurethane thinner
Mature period 15-20 minutes
Applicable period 4-8 hours
Storage period 1 year